Saturday, April 7, 2018

That's telling 'em!

Local resident Mark Robinson had words for the Greensboro, NC city council when they tried to ban a local gun show.

Preach it, brother! May I suggest to Greensboro residents, and those in the surrounding district, that they need to draft Mr. Robinson to run for Congress?



Dan Lane said...

He said what needed to be said. I don't know his position on the economy, on trade, on transgender bathrooms or any of that crap. But he can represent me on rights any day of the week and twice on Sundays. That's a man with his priorities straight.

urbane legend said...

Amen, Dan. He didn't need an English teacher for help. He did just fine.

Brother Pilot said...

Outstanding! Spoken plainly and with passion and I had to laugh at "lunies from the left."

Anonymous said...

And, he clearly stated that he would not use violent means.

Nice sentiments.

History proves his speech sincerely but woefully inadequate. In every country that totalitarians have ever fully ascended into power they have never been even slightly reluctant to use overwhelming force to crush opposition and dissent. Everything that the current crop of communists now accuse is simply projection for what they intend. From Patrick Henry to Solzhenitsyn, history is replete with the lesson: we will put our boot on your face forever, or kill you if you do not submit. Even if you do submit, they still consider extermination a viable tool if needed for their social engineering purposes.

Yes, we enjoy Mr. Robinson's words. They hate him and given half a chance they would vote to "revoke his privilege". And it is obvious who is in charge: they are, otherwise he would not be standing in their forum protecting their actions.

Anonymous said...

should be "protesting" (not protecting).

Anonymous said...

This man should be on the council!