Friday, June 21, 2019

A spectacular arrival

Take an international air show filled with spectacular flying displays.  How does one impress a crowd so jaded with aerial expertise?  This isn't a bad start (or end, actually).  Here's the USAF's newest tanker aircraft, the Boeing KC-46 Pegasus, landing in true military style at the Paris Air Show.

From the looks of it, that might have been a teeth-rattler!  The long-distance shot tends to minimize the sheer size of the aircraft.  Anywhere else but an air show, where display is the name of the game, that sort of landing might lead to penalties for the pilot(s) concerned.



Miguel GFZ said...

The plane reminded me of an oversized DC-3 with jet engines rather than props.

I like it!

Aesop said...

Let us not forget that it's cargo load was probably minimal, as well.

PapaMAS said...

I would have killed my pilot if he pulled that crap.