Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Feral urban youth, and your safety and security

Events in Baltimore a few days ago highlight, yet again, the danger in many urban centers of so-called "flash mobs" and/or uncontrolled youth violence.  It's happened on the "Magnificent Mile" in Chicago, repeatedly (note how the video clips linked in that article have been removed, presumably because they showed a racial reality that's not politically correct).  It's happened at the county fairgrounds near Milwaukee, WI.  It's happened in Louisville, KY.  It's happened in Miami Beach, FL.  Last week, it came to Baltimore.

I've written often in the past about this danger to your security, if you live in any of those cities, or anywhere where feral urban youth are present in large numbers (whether or not they're in or near to your neighborhood).  Follow these links if you'd like to learn more.

Increasingly, this sort of thing is a reality in modern US cities.  If you live in or near that sort of urban environment, you need to take this into account in your emergency preparations and personal security precautions.  To summarize John Farnam's famous advice:
  • Don’t go to stupid places.
  • Don’t associate with stupid people.
  • Don’t do stupid things.
If you go near any place that flash mob activity may break out, at times or seasons when it's likely, you're doing all of the aboveStop it!  Even if it means adjusting your routine, denying yourself attendance at what might otherwise be fun and entertaining, or deliberately choosing your leisure time activities on the basis of safety and security rather than your interests, do that.  If you don't . . . you may regret the consequences.  What's more, don't think that carrying a gun will save you.  Under such conditions, it may have the opposite effect after the shooting stops.

What's the solution to these crimes (because, let's face it, they are crimes, not just bored youth working off their frustrations)?  I certainly don't think it's more money for education or job programs.  These kids aren't learning because they don't want to learn.  The majority of them come from single-parent homes, where they have few (if any) positive adult role models.  One can't even say that strict discipline, up to and including corporal punishment, would work any more.  Nowadays, that would be regarded as abuse.  I have no easy answers for dealing with feral youth.  Instead, I offer suggestions for your safety and security.  That's about the best any of us can do under such circumstances.

(If corporal punishment is abuse then, believe you me, by modern standards both of my parents would have been locked up for child abuse, given the way they raised their children!  On the other hand, their kids didn't turn into feral youths.  Cause and effect, perhaps?)



Dad29 said...

Peter, the Wisconsin State Fair is held in WEST ALLIS, Wisconsin, a city adjacent to the City of Milwaukee.....not in Madison!!!

Peter said...

@Dad29: Fixed it, thanks.

Old NFO said...

Pepper spray, in lieu of something with more 'punch'... At least in Bawmore...

Beans said...

Some grumpy old dude is going to end up going all 'Gotterdamerung' one day during a 'vibrant youth festival.' He'll go down taking a large number with him.

And the press will blame it all on him. Not on the youths, nor the politicians who allowed or fostered the situation. Because, believe you me, there are politicians who are making serious money and/or political power in removing any restraining systems that should be in place to stop said youthful activities.

My solution has (grasping the dark side of my soul) always been to call for the crowd to disperse, give them 10 seconds to start to do so, and then encourage them with semi-automatic weapon fire, maybe fire hoses and nice chemicals. Anything after 30 seconds gets explosives, fully auto fire, flame throwers and very un-nice chemicals, especially ones that mark the individual as being there, so they can be tracked down for further punishment.

Any individual who has so lost the grasp of community, laws, mores and morals that they'd participate in a, sorry to say, chimp-out (a group that assembles just to break and steal stuff, to hurt people for fun and to basically act all pseudo-savage,) or Antifa-thunder run (see previous explanation,) has lost any use to society. Except as a target and an example of what not to do.

We, American Citizens, are supposed to be better than this (the aforementioned youths.) But then again, how many of them are actually citizens by knowledge, not just people born here.

The loss of learning and thought in this nation is reaching a scary critical point. Which, of course, is scaring me. Thus the dark thoughts above as to crowd control.

Reziac said...

Matter of time before one flash mob generates an equal and opposite flash mob... and gets taken apart.

These are not riots, that can be blamed on some trigger event. This is not Antifa-style activism, that can be blamed on leftardism and Marx. This is purely recreational violence, with no excuse whatsoever, and should be treated accordingly. This is no different from a wolf pack that enjoys an occasional night of slaughtering a hundred sheep.

Much like a snotnosed kid who gets his way every time he throws a tantrum, these mobs know they can have their way with the rest of us, because no one dares get in their way.

It has to stop, but it won't stop until recreational violence routinely runs into more retaliatory force than it can handle.

HMS Defiant said...

It's easy enough for me these days. I simply don't go where I suspect the animals will appear in force and do their bit for vibrancy while showing off how diversity is their strength. I haven't been in a mall in years. I didn't expect America to become the middle east but while I lived over there I paid attention to anniversary dates, land day, 9/11 and such and stayed home and when I went out I scoped out the restaurants and bars I ate at before entering. I kind of laugh at the idea of eating at any fast food place 'downtown' in a rustbelt city or any other large city. The whole hate whitey is out of control and there is no penalty for flying your hate whitey flag.

MadMcAl said...

I found the "solutions" of the taxpayers rather cute.
"Invest in the schools" so that the kids can ignore twice as expensive an education... unless you force the kids into the school (and do that with juvie for everyone who skips too often or is obviously ignoring the education) it won't change a thing.

"Too much pay for the police..." well, more police would help if you would allow them to do their job. If they loose their job every time one of these precious feral animals stubs his or her toe then of course they won't do anything. Stop crying racism every single time the police cracks down on criminals of color and you will see results.
If gang membership is seen as nothing than a quick trip to prison then it won't be attractive for the stupid youth.


As a current school bus driver, I can attest to the attitude these kids have.
On top of that-the kids im talking about are white middle class kids in the suburbs. They ALL know that nothing will happen to them if they disobey.

Not like back in my day, you got paddled at school and then got paddled at home FOR getting paddled at school. My "rocket scientist" parents put me in catholic school in the 60's (Im 62) and the amount of abuse I remember will never be forgotten. Learning through fear and intimidation, I call it.

I blame the parents and the schools for lack of discipline. While I'm at it I blame that "victim" mentality as well.-JW

Paul L. Quandt said...

"Thus the dark thoughts above as to crowd control." Andrew, you are reason and light compared to me.

Paul L. Quandt

"If gang membership is seen as nothing than a quick trip to prison then it won't be attractive for the stupid youth." Prisons are nothing but grad schools for crime these days.

Paul L. Quandt