Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Bollywood meets car chases, #2

I hope yesterday's instalment whetted your appetite for more of how Bollywood treats car chases.

Today, we see a car chase from the 1978 film Don.  The vehicles in this movie were typical of what was on Indian roads at the time:  early post-war British cars that had continued in production in the sub-continent, despite advances made elsewhere with newer models.  It's quite nostalgic for those of us with memories of those old hunks of ironmongery!

I can't show the clip directly, because embedding has been disabled.  However, you can watch it on YouTube.  The car chase action ends at about 4m. 35s., after which the plot continues with the death of the villain.  For more details, see the movie's Wikipedia entry.



Cedar said...

Why has embedding been disabled?

Peter said...

@Cedar: The person who put that video on YouTube specified that it should not be embeddable. The usual reason is that they want to attract traffic to their channel on YouTube, where every "view" counts towards monetizing it. Most people don't bother to do that.

Cedar said...

Ah! That makes sense now.