Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Karl Denninger's Presidential platform - there's some good stuff here

The inimitable Karl Denninger has published what he'd do if he were drafted to be President.  Based on what I see there, I'd draft him tomorrow!  Examples:

  • 100% E-Verify now.  All employers have six months to comply for existing employees, all new hires must have it run.  Liability is personal and cannot be thrown off on a staffing company or other scheme.  All 941s (quarterly withholding filings) must include E-Verify control numbers on them.  Congress will receive a bill on my first day in office to upgrade failure to include same on 941s, hiring or paying people without reporting accurately on same, or any other form of evasion by any means to a criminal felony with 5 years in the slam-slam for each person so not-reported or evaded, served consecutively, with no pleas or reductions allowed along with a $50,000 fine per person, per year who is not reported accurately.  That ends the BS.
  • It shall be the policy of this nation that no free trading relationship nor normal customs and immigration relationship shall exist with any nation that permits either their nationals or foreign nationals to travel through or use their border with our nation for the purpose of unlawful entry into the United States, nor shall such a relationship exist with any nation that suborns or permits its nationals to violate our laws whether in regard to people, goods or services.  Mexico in particular shall cut this crap out or the border will be closed -- period.  The National Emergency required to do this has already been issued by Trump and I will execute on that on my first day in office.  This shall also be applied to China as a consequence of its export of fentanyl and precursors intended for unlawful distribution in the United States.
  • A National Emergency will be declared on the first day of my Administration relating to the Internet and threat to our Republic that the current abuse of same both foreign and domestic has incurred ... any coordinated action to ban particular political perspectives, points of view or publishers shall bring instant prosecution under 15 USC carrying felony criminal penalties.  I will perp-walk every single major social media, transport, cloud and DNS company executive straight into federal prison if I must. The bullcrap we're dealing with now will stop or the firms doing it will be destroyed with their executives asset-stripped to their underwear.
  • The Glo-bull warming scam will be stopped dead.  All federally funded research and data, past, present and future shall be declared as public domain.  Mann and his cohorts will be forced to disgorge same or be charged with theft (or destruction, if they try to evade it via tampering) of government property.  Enough.

There's more at the link.

Drastic?  Sure.  Uncompromising?  You bet!  Tough love?  No doubt about it.  Hard to swallow?  Oh, heck, yes!  To implement all Mr. Denninger's proposed measures will turn a large part of US jurisprudence upside-down, and cause a massive upheaval in our political, social and economic environment.  On the other hand, I'm not sure that isn't overdue.

I think a great deal of Mr. Denninger's platform deserves serious consideration.  It won't get it, of course, because he's outside the mainstream of US politics - and that's a pity.



Old NFO said...

Sadly, it will be ignored by those in power. ESPECIALLY by the left/socialists...

Tracy Coyle said...

I sent the 2014 Federal Budget Proposal I had hand delivered to Congress and the media back in 2013 to Karl a couple of years ago. It would be a good place to start in addition to his platform.

Beans said...

Unfortunately, as it has been shown by President Trump (still not tired of saying that,) it's not that the President can't have grand plans of rightness, it's the, well, deep state (good tag for that, though I might have used 'toxic state') that openly resists that matters. It is amazing that with DS members in his close circle that he's been able to do anything, yet we have a border wall being built, finally (so Shut UP, Ms. Coulter, it wasn't his fault!) and our embassy is in Jerusalem (where, over 30 years ago, it was supposed to be already) and more victories all over.

He even brings up people the Deep State doesn't want people to see to his debates, big speeches, State of the Union and so forth.

As to the list of things to do, too bad one can't add:

Within 6 weeks of being elected, a task force of Constitutional scholars will begin reviewing all Federal judges and Federal attorneys to make sure their charges and rulings are within the boundaries of the Constitution. mumble-mumble and so forth and so on...

Eric Wilner said...

I really don't like the E-Verify thing.
Instead of securing the border and trying to keep evildoers out... let's just let everyone across, and then try to keep them from finding honest employment once they're here. Brilliant! That'll show them dang Redcoats; next time they try to burn down the White House, they won't be able to get jobs along the way!
And then there's the whole what-could-possibly-go-wrong aspect of requiring everyone to petition Big Brother for permission to be employed. No possibility of some future administration quietly adding a blacklist based on old social-media posts, is there?