Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sunday morning music

Alessandro Scarlatti was one of the major Italian baroque composers, with a prodigious output, particularly early operas.  However, his instrumental pieces are nothing to sneeze at.  I've picked two of his shorter works this morning;  you'll find many more on YouTube if you like them.

First, here's his Sonata for Flute, Strings and B.C. No.22 and No.23.

Next, here's a live performance of his Concerto Grosso No. 3, played by the La Spagna baroque orchestra.  You'll note how much smaller a baroque orchestra is compared to a modern one, and how many instruments didn't exist in those musical times.

I hope you enjoyed the change of pace.



Quartz said...

Ah, Scarlatti. Lovely.

Have you discovered the channels of John Portman, CarolusGustavusRex and GustavAdplphusRex?

Here's a piece I particularly like by Altenburg, his concerto for seven trumpets

I'll understand if you're gone awhile. :)

Jim said...

Thanks for posting those. I've long had a soft spot for music from the Baroque period and earlier as well. A major loss was the death in 1976 of David Munrow. Munrow was a historian who also played early music from the medieval to the Baroque periods on the instruments of the time. Very interesting stuff.

boron said...

Thank you very much

Brig said...

Thank You!