Thursday, October 31, 2019

The money quote on the impeachment resolution

So the Democratic Party has used its majority in Congress to ram through an impeachment investigation resolution that's seriously deficient in fairness, transparency and integrity.  What else did we expect?

Ace of Spades points out:

The "impeachment" resolution slated for today gives the Democrats carte blanche to go after Trump, his business dealings, family and allies in almost every area of his past public and personal life. As if to rub salt into an open wound, one of the people, biologically anyway, who sits on the rules committee and crafting the guidelines for impeachment is none other than Alcee Hastings. Alcee-*******-Hastings. For those not aware, Alcee Hastings was a federal judge from Florida who was impeached, convicted and removed from the bench on charges of bribery, one of only eight judges IIRC who have ever been removed from the bench in US history. You'd think that that would be enough to send one into the wilderness to avoid the scorn and derision of the public as well as to attempt to repent and atone. Well, you'd be wrong as Alcee Hastings actually ran for and won a House seat and has been there since 1993. Meh, forget Hastings; what does that say for his constituents? Yeah, I know.

There's more at the link.

I think that little fact reveals a great deal about the impeachment authorization resolution.  It's a corrupt endeavor, by corrupt politicians, to undo the results of a democratic election.  I have yet to hear of one single "high crime" or "misdemeanor" allegedly committed by President Trump for which there is any convincing evidence and/or no convincing explanation or justification.  If one exists, proceed with impeachment.  If one doesn't - and, to date, one has not emerged out of all the fuss and bother and smoke and mirrors the Democrats can throw up - then why the hell are we wasting time on this nonsense?

The answer, of course, is obvious.  This isn't about high crimes or misdemeanors.  It's about partisan politics.  May all those who voted for it today receive condign punishment for their mendacity at the hands of voters during the next election.



Aesop said...

This is yet another Democrat coup attempt.

They're going to keep pushing this form of mental retardation until they get answered with shotgun loads to the face.

And they think they want that, because they think they're bulletproof, and will prevail, because they want it that bad.

Our system worked as long as it has, because we have bloodless revolutions every four years.

Now one party has decided to scrap that, and go back to the traditional worldwide solution to losing power: seize it, by any means necessary.

This isn't going to turn out for them like they think, but they're going to get religion in a big hurry in short order, just after they meet Jesus.

Silent Draco said...

It'll get interesting when fake impeachment gets run over by the Attainder and Banishment clause. Federal Marshals will have a busy day.

Shell said...

Hastings was voted into the House by a black constituency who blame his impeachment and removal from the bench on white people looking to f*** over a black man, despite the several thousand dollars in cash found stashed in his freezer at home, among much other evidence of his crookedness. He and they are a stain on humanity.

Steve Sky said...

Here is some more analysis of the "Impeachment resolution". Note: Resolution, not articles of impeachment, because that way they can lock out the other side while conducting their show trial in the Star Chamber. As Aesop noted, they are going to get rid of President Trump by any possible means, no matter how it destroys the Constitution, rule of law, and our country.