Friday, February 5, 2021

Growing pains


With the massive exodus of former clients of Facebook, Twitter, etc. from those platforms, others offering uncensored free speech have experienced explosive growth.  This has caused problems of performance, where their servers were simply overwhelmed with traffic, but they're fighting back valiantly.

Gab, where I'm also a member, has handled the situation very well, particularly when you consider that it's long been cut off from normal payment processing, cloud computing resources, etc. (all a penalty for refusing to toe the politically correct line).  Its boss, Andrew Torba, explained in a recent post.  Click the screenshot below for a larger view of his post on Gab.

Congratulations to Gab on managing such vast and rapid growth so well.  Sadly, a bunch of idiots have joined, along with a lot of good people:  but Gab's approach is simple.  It does not and will not censor posts, except for pornography and illegal content.  It's up to individual members to mute or block other users whose posts they'd rather not see.  I do that every day, and find the approach refreshing.  Nobody's telling me what I may or may not see - I decide that for myself.  I wish other social media sites would do likewise, and treat me as an adult.

If you're looking for an uncensored online home, you might want to give Gab a try.



heresolong said...

I joined Gab sometime last year. I don't do social media so have never posted. I've followed a few people but don't check to see what they say. I also haven't ponied up the cash because even though I know it would help them, and even though I know it is worthwhile, I just can't see $8 a month for something I never use. I'm leaning that way though.

I will say that the interface is confusing. Perhaps because I never had a Twitter account and I only go on FB to see if anyone has sent me a message (family, friends (mostly college and military as I don't do the "be friends with people you see at work every day. They can just talk to me.)) All I see when I do start the app is a few voices, presumably the defaults. I can't find the people I followed unless I search for their names in the search bar. It is a bit frustrating and there doesn't seem to be much "Gab for Idiots" support. Another reason I haven't clicked the Buy it Now button.

Paul said...

I joined gab soon after it got started.. not that I post much or anything.

I doubt anyone wants to me howling at the moon in the wilderness.

I do understand all those old guys who bemoaned the state of the union when I was a youth,

Andrew Smith said...

Peter, don't forget to post on Gab more often. Just saying.

kebie said...

:BRM, What's your handle on Gab

Spamtrap said...

I see where MeWe gained 2.7 new users last week. You know, a few million here and a few million there, Facebook will feel the heat sooner or later.

Antibubba said...

I joined Gab but never use it--it was way too confusing, like Twitter.
I've joined MeWe. It hasn't reached critical mass yet, so it's a little sparse still, but it will get there.

Unknown said...

Only one person died in the Capitol tour that got out of hand...and that person was standing beside 3 cops in full battle rattle when she was shot in the face by another cop.