Thursday, February 4, 2021

Sea lions having fun


I greatly enjoyed these two short videos of sea lions having fun in the surf off Santa Barbara Island in California last month.  They were filmed by a documentary crew from Pacific Offshore Expeditions.  The first video has a music soundtrack (which fits it very well), while the second (with more close-ups and slow-motion photography) is silent.

I can never understand those who try to deny that animals play, and have a sense of humor.  If any critter was ever enjoying itself, those sea lions were!



Old NFO said...

Too funny! And yes, there was one serious wipe out in that video!!! LOL

zdogk9 said...

About thirty years ago I was dropping in on a triple overhead wave on the Nprthern Oregon coast when a sealion decide to drop in on me.

Orvan Taurus said...

Animals don;'t have fun?

These folks have never dealt with any then. Cats (well, $SISTAUR's anyway) do seem know the red dot has a source.. and go after it anyway. Dogs seem insistent about that ball/stick/frisbee. Horses play with 'toys' if they get them (giant balls). I'd be more surprised at (healthy, non-mistreated) animals NOT playing.