Thursday, October 28, 2021

The classics are all wrong for our kids, but homosexual pornography is just fine


I'm seething at how "woke" teachers and administrators are destroying our children's literary heritage and replacing it with filth and trash, under the guise of "relevance" and such twaddle.

First, classic children's literature is under ever-increasing attack.

Classic children's books in a Cambridge University archive are set to be labelled with 'trigger warnings' for 'harmful content relating to slavery, colonialism and racism'.

Researchers are reviewing more than 10,000 books and magazines to expose offensive authors after campaigners demanded teachers censor racial slurs when reading Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird.

With other modern classics like Little House On The Prairie and the works of Dr Seuss dubbed as potentially harmful, Femail has examined other children's texts which have come under fire.

Criticism includes that of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book which was slammed for it's 'colonial' depiction of animals and Roald Dahl's Matilda which was dubbed transphobic for it's portrayal of masculine Miss Trunchbull.

Here, FEMAIL takes a look at what other much-loved bedtime stories could be at risk of being 'cancelled'.

There's much more at the link, including details of the allegations against many popular books.

Then, to replace it, modern "relevant" materials are being distributed that amount to nothing less than pornography in at least some cases.  Divemedic provides a graphic example.

This is NOT an entirely accurate description of this book. The book is ACTUALLY about how the main character, Mike Munoz, a 22 year old half Mexican boy who mows lawns for a living. By the end of the book, he discovers how Capitalism is racist and homophobic, and this is why success and happiness are eluding him.

There are descriptive homosexual sex scenes in the book, “F” bombs are sprinkled throughout, and the entire American way of life is painted as evil. This book contains graphic sex scenes between children as young as nine years old, which falls under the umbrella of kiddie porn.

. . .

So why am I writing this post? Because this book is in the library of many schools. It is on the required reading list for some classes in middle and high schools in Texas, Florida, and Virginia (where parents aren’t allowed to have a say in what their kids are learning). If you want to read some scary stuff, read the comments to the Texas article, where adults try to justify this book by citing studies about elementary school aged children engaging in sex.

. . .

I have said this before: There are activists in schools who are trying to fill your children’s heads with propaganda. They are grooming your kids to be sexual and economic slaves. I spent eight years as a public school teacher, I know. There are many good teachers who care about this country and the kids in their care. There are also hard left communist hacks, pedophiles, and slackers who are just there for a paycheck. Those teachers are the ones who are spotting kids that are malleable, and creating little communist f*** toys for themselves.

. . .

At this point, I cannot stress enough: Get your kids out of public school. Even in private school, pay close attention to what they are learning and studying. If you don’t, you might wake up one day to discover that there is a purple haired Marxist with a penchant for b******** little boys living in your house who just turned you in to the FBI for not being “woke” enough.

Again, more at the link.  Thanks, Divemedic, for doing a public service by bringing that to our attention.

He's not alone in drawing attention to the sexualization of our kids through the books they're being forced to read.  An organization called Toxic Schools is drawing attention to problems in Virginia schools.

Virginia state law explicitly states that “a parent has a fundamental right to make decisions concerning the upbringing, education, and care of the parent’s child.” (Va. Code Ann. § 1-240.1)

But government officials and schools are secretly working overtime to take away parent’s rights, to make sure that most people—including many parents—don’t know what’s actually happening in their children’s schools.

That’s wrong.

It’s not fair.

And it violates the trust we put in our schools.

At a recent Fairfax County School Board meeting, a concerned citizen showed a graphic novel aimed at teen readers that she found in the high school library. Turns out it was also available in many other Virginia high schools. It contained images that were pornographic. She was shut down by the school board.

Fairfax County Public Schools set up committees to review the books and decide whether to continue to stock those books. Here’s what they are not doing:

  • They aren’t examining how these books made it into the libraries in the first place.
  • They aren’t holding anyone responsible for making the decision to make these books available.
  • They aren’t reviewing the schools for similar, inappropriate books and materials.

What else is going wrong in public schools?

See for yourself some of the recent stories of toxic schools, and please share any we have missed.

More at the link.  It's worth clicking over there to read parents' stories of what they've uncovered.

An attempt by Toxic Schools to run a 30-second advertisement, showing exactly what sort of pornography was being foisted upon children in Virginia, was blocked by local TV stations, who would only show a "blurred" version of it, omitting the offensive material.  The organization has made the uncensored version available on its Web site.  I urge you to click over there and take a look, so that you're fully informed of what's being done to our kids by the powers that be.

Friends, if we allow this to be done to our children through our inattention, carelessness or neglect, we deserve all our children are going to become.  Needless to say, they don't deserve that.  They deserve much better of us.  Furthermore, speaking as a Christian pastor, I'll add that we're going to be held accountable one day for what we permitted others to do to our children.  I hate to think of what that judgment might be.

This must be stopped - and the only people who can stop it are parents.



Texas Mike said...

My wife is a school librarian. The publishing houses have ensured that every young adult (i.e., teen) book has LGBTQ content. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the story line, it's just thrown in there. Those are the authors who aren't "woke" but are forced to include such characters to get published. Often it is front and center. It has been obvious to her for years that there is a coordinated effort to condition our kids to see deviant behavior as normal.

ruralcounsel said...

The Senate committee meeting with Merrick Garland had him saying/admitting that parents have a right to fairly debate and contest with their school boards about educational policy and content ... a First Amendment right.

School boards routinely limit parents' ability to engage in those debates, by controlling the meetings, setting time limits, setting arbitrary rules about what can be said and about who things can be said.

It's time to take that power away from school boards.

The meetings should be open-ended, with time limits per speaker no less than 15 minutes each, and the school board members have to sit there and take it until there are no more speakers. Individual school board members, school administrators, and teachers need to be fair game for criticism, by name.

Otherwise, these meetings are not fair debates. They are like suggestion and complaint boxes that management just tosses the contents into the trash without reading.

McChuck said...

The Left will not stop until we stop them.
Not somebody. Not politicians. Not Republicans. Not judges.

Us. Me. You. Your friends. Your neighbors. Your family.

The will to power is everything. Laws are nothing. Do you understand yet?

Steve Sky said...

I'll point out one difference between the two stories. There is a difference between being in the library, hoping teens stumble across it, and being on the required reading list for class. At that point, they are grooming the students.

Divemedic said...

I must apologize for some of the graphic language in that post, but I felt that censoring it would not have been as illustrative

Aesop said...

The miracle - or tragedy, take your pick - to me is that more culpable teachers aren't found in a pool of blood, coughing up the 96 pieces of their former teeth, and both knees turned into an amalgamation of about 300 pieces of their former constituent bones, after a few moments with the Teacher's Edition of Pat The Crowbar.

I'm guessing 8 or 10 such incidents nationwide would nip this nonsense right in the bud, but if not, I see nothing wrong with taking out every single person that defends this sort of poison in the school system, from the local grade school to the state superintendent.

I'm old-fashioned like that.

"It's for the children."

John said...

Dangit. When I get here after Aesop, it's like hitting the battlefield late after the nuke went off. Not even wounded to bayonet.

Aesop said...

Somebody's still got to bleach the skulls and stack them in pyramids, JW...

Bob said...

Like Aesop said.