Sunday, January 9, 2022

Sunday morning music


Very tired this morning.  Miss D. and I returned late yesterday from a three-day road trip to Kansas City, where we attended the memorial service for one of her cousins.  It was bitterly cold (in single digits in KC - yesterday morning was in the low 20's there, while our home town in Texas was in the 70's!  Bit of a contrast . . .).  The roads were largely free of snow and ice, but the other vehicles were kicking up a lot of salt brine from the surface treatment - our car looks a bit like a saltcicle in parts!  Car wash, first thing Monday morning . . .

Anyway, without much time to prepare this post, here's one of the more interesting songs from Metallica:  1984's 'Fade To Black'.  It's a combination of power ballad, heavy metal and some very dark Gothic themes.  It repays listening with an open ear.



Michael said...

A Darker Sunday Music post than usual Peter. Praying for your peace.

Dirty Dingus McGee said...

Here is a version you might enjoy.