Monday, May 2, 2022

Different groups, same objective: the internal destruction of the United States as we know it


The Diplomad has put into words something I've been thinking about for some time.

My simple binary mind sees a split in the Dems, a sort of Menshevik v. Bolshevik or a Stalin v Trotsky schism, maybe a Leno v. Kimmel battle, etc. You decide on the analogy, but it comes down to civil war within the world's oldest political party. That internal battle seeks to determine how to and who will run the ongoing Great War against America and the West. A battle for the war.

Both factions, in my view, want the same end, i.e., the destruction of our civilization; the battle is one of personalities, timeline, and tactics.

As hinted above, "standard" election-minded Dem politicians can derive no joy from the numbers coming out from every poll I have seen, regardless of those polls' political bent, and their usual "N" sample trick of over over representing Democratic voters. The polls predict a GOP majority--some polls bigger, some smaller--in both houses of Congress, as well as major wins in local and state elections. We see a number of Democratic politicians melting over "Biden" economic and immigration policies, in particular, both election losers.

The border crisis is a classic battleground for the two factions. The "electoral" Democratic politicos see the disaster it could bring in the mid-terms. The Kamikaze Democrats (KD) care little for elections, and to the extent they pay them mind, they seek to rig them through outright vote fraud and censorship. The KDs want to sink the carrier NOW while they have power, and not put it off to when it might be too late. They want the borders wide open, with plenty of incentives to encourage the horde waiting to get in, and fundamentally alter the very nature of our society.

As Lt. Governor of Texas, Daniel Patrick, has noted, if the current pace of illegal "immigrants" continues to the end of the "Biden's" four years, fully 20%, one in five, residents of the USA will be illegal aliens. That's some 60-70 million people illegally in the country. That could prove a permanent altering of the country, and present an almost insurmountable challenge to handle. Likewise, the KDs want to smash our energy independence, censor our speech, encroach on gun rights, sabotage our schools, and get us accustomed to following the dictates of "public health experts." To repeat, they want this NOW. They want changes that come as close to impossible to reverse as possible.

There's more at the link.

It's not necessarily the Democratic Party as such that's doing this;  it's the hidden forces, groups and individuals behind the Democratic Party, who are using partisan politics as a cloak to hide their deeper agenda.  They're even using the organs of state as tools, as well as political parties.  Michael Yon points out that the State Department is deliberately looking for - and financing - ways to make it easier for illegal aliens to reach the US border.

Just returned from another day in the exceedingly malarial jungle of Darien Gap. I’ve been very busy taking the famous Ben Bergquam to places white people don’t often see. Or any people, for that matter. Deep into Darien Gap tracking migrants.

Sam Faddis nails it with his attached article.

The “Controlled Flow” program created by United States between Panama and Costa Rica has become [a] well-oiled invasion route.

Based on what I am seeing this trip, my sense is that traffic through Panama will at least double by next year. Especially so as the coming famines create extreme HOP: Human Osmotic Pressure.

Last year, the journey might take a week or more to depart the Darien Gap jungle and make it to Costa Rica before heading north to America. Today, in April 2022, a migrant can emerge from the jungle and get to Costa Rica in 48 hours.

Again, more at the link.  The "attached article" by Sam Faddis notes:

Blinken and Mayorkas weren’t in Panama to talk about stopping migration north. On the contrary, they were there to discuss how to deepen American aid and support to Panamanian efforts to facilitate migration. Blinken and Mayorkas don’t want to leave migrants in the hands of traffickers. They want to expand an already extensive system of government support to illegal migration funded by the American taxpayer.

One of the ways the United States aids illegal migration is through funding of United Nations programs administered by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). IOM runs camps and helps migrants move north. It also hands out debit cards paid for by American taxpayers to migrants.

. . .

In effect, a giant conveyor belt has been constructed across Central America to the U.S. Mexican border. Largely funded by the American people, this machine moves migrants methodically north from way-station to way-station, housing migrants, feeding them and when necessary, just handing them cash.

More at the link.  See also this video report from independent journalist Ben Bergquam, filmed on the ground near the Darien Gap, talking to illegal alien migrants and locals about what's going on.

There's also a major public relations effort under way to portray helping the "migrants" as ethical, compassionate, and the right thing to do.  See this article as an example of what's being spoon-fed to journalists and readers.  Michael Yon claims the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is behind much of it.

Folks, this is nothing more or less than an invasion.  It's directed, sponsored and encouraged by organs of our own government - without our knowledge or consent.

In so many words, we're at war with conniving, anti-democratic leftists who want nothing less than the destruction of the American Republic.

If you don't realize and/or believe that, you're living in cloud cuckoo land.  The question is:  how far are we prepared to go to fight back, to stop this invasion in its tracks?

If we don't do it, nobody else will.

I think the battle has to begin with the border states.  They have the right to protect their citizens and residents against crime, including illegal alien invasion.  If the Federal government won't do its job, they have a presumptive right to do theirs.  Sadly, up to now, they've largely concentrated on window-dressing;  giving the impression of fighting this invasion, but not really doing anything effective.  That's going to have to change if we're to have any hope of stopping this.  One hopes the citizens of those states will hold their Governors' and state administrators' feet to the fire during this year's elections.

We're also going to have to harden our hearts against so-called "sanctuary cities" and "sanctuary states".  Those currently illegally invading our territory will have to be expelled.  That's going to be a long, difficult and painful process, but it's got to be done.  (Yes, I say that as a legal immigrant;  but I came here with the express intention of becoming an American citizen, and being loyal to my new homeland.  Most illegals have not;  instead, they've made a start to their residence on US soil by breaking US law.  That's a good predictor of how well they'll turn out, IMHO.)  We'll need to track down every one of those the Biden administration is ushering into our country, and get rid of them by hook or by crook.  The liberals, progressives and anti-Americans will doubtless scream blue murder, and accuse us of racism, lack of compassion, and anything and everything else they can think of.  Too bad.

I suggest that everyone who speaks out in support of this illegal alien invasion should be required to accept illegal aliens into their own home, and serve as their hosts.  No, they don't get to choose who they'll have;  we'll do that by an impartial lottery.  If they get a gang-banger rapist in their spare room, that's their problem - just as it is for the rest of us.  They deserve no less.



Rick said...

All states within the United States share an equal duty.

Aesop said...

In my medical experience, things that are shoved down peoples' throats without their consent, tend to come back up and out rather forcefully.

True with people, true with nations.

The projectile vomiting of this wave of illegals is going to come with ropes by the mile, and mountains of skulls, and people fleeing all the way to Panama just to save their lives, before it's over.
Probably because nothing much is going to grow between there and Texas for a century or so by the time it's finished.

And no small number of the bleached skulls will be TPTB who oversaw the implementation of this blatant replacement strategy.

Test the patience of the population in haste, repent at leisure.

EasyCompany said...

I'm sure the Republicans will get right on this!

Someday, you know.

When we have both houses and the Presidency.

That's when!

Skyler the Weird said...

The GOP funding fathers love illegals to work for slave wages in their businesses. They are Natural Republican voters too according to Rove and Cheney.

Rob said...

How many illegals are you talking about rounding up and sending back?
Pull out a real WAG number and do the math on physically-actually moving that many people..

From here they mention 10 million people, let's say you catch half of them. How are you going to move 5 million people to Tijuana-Honduras or anywhere across the border?

That's physically moving 13,698 people over the boarder Every. Day. For. A. Year.

The where & how questions defeat this whole idea. We are NOT Germany in the late 1930s-1940s, we need to find a way to make these people into AMERICANS.

The melting pot works, we need to clear out the trash ideas and bring back Americans without a hyphen. We used to all be Americans, we can do it again.
We have to.

Peter said...

@Rob: No. Absolutely not. These people began their lives in the USA as lawbreakers. There's no way they can be trusted not to continue in that tradition later on. I have sympathy for them fleeing harsh conditions in their homeland, but that does not entitle them to leech off us or our country for the rest of their lives. If they come legally - all well and good. If they just cross the border without formalities, then expect to get all the goodies we can give them - forget about it. Send them back.

Fredrick said...


After sending back the first plane load sieze the assets of the human trafficers and sanction every bank connected to the flood of illegals the same way Joe Biden did to rich Russians. The flood will stop the withing 48 hours. Then sanction Western Union's financial repatriation transactions and that will get a bunch more voluntarilly leaving. Feel free to go assimilate them there, so they won't be tempted to do it here.

TCK said...

I favor a 'two strike' policy on illegals.
First time they get caught is being deported across the border or to an officially declared Sanctuary City (they want illegal invaders? they can have as many as the buses can ferry in, feeding them all is their problem, not America's).

Second time they get caught on American soil is on sight execution, along with as many family members as can be identified and hunted down.

Will said...

where did you ever get the idea that "the melting pot" is a real thing?

No, most all immigrants DO NOT "assimilate" when they move to a new country. To some extent their children and grandchildren MAY fit in better, but that largely depends on their original culture, and how close it matches to their new country. It also depends on how large their fellow immigrant group is. The bigger, more cohesive that group is, the less effort they make to fit in here. You are fighting human nature, for the most part, when you demand that people assimilate. Historically, here in the US, the only groups that have fit into our culture are those that originated mostly from Western Europe. Those not from a Christian culture are almost without exception a bad fit. This nation has been on the road to destruction since 1965, as far as immigration goes.

One of the problems is people here look at a single person or two, and use them as a benchmark for deciding if their whole nation would fit in here. That is truly stupid. You must look at them as a group, and see if their culture is a fit. For most, that is a big "no f'n way".

Islam? Bad, bad fit. Our first war after founding was with Islam. It's not a religion so much as a political, ideological force. They are an actual invasive force, and should not be allowed in. They should stay home, and fix their own problems.

The Lab Manager said...

But I thought we are one race, the human race? :LOL:

This is why there is nothing wrong with a pro-White outlook on things. It's not about degrading others, it's simply acknowledging the reality that race, IQ, and culture matter. America was founded on Western concepts which is why the West is superior in so many ways. If this were not true, then Peter here and others would be flocking to South Africa or Zimbabwe or Peru.

I get along just fine with my Mexican American neighbors here in South Texas, but they do some things differently despite being a 3rd more generation American. And by the way, plenty of Mexican Americans mad about the border influx, though I don't think many are card carrying limited government minded.

Aesop said...

Rob forgets that the "melting pot" included a pause from 1930-1965 - thirty five years - in which the functional US immigration rate was close to 0%/yr.

So if you want to ban all immigration until 2057, and see how that works out, I'm with you.

Then, you start raiding companies, and you seize assets under RICO based on the percentage of their employees that are illegal.
10% illegals, 10% asset forfeiture. 90% illegals, 90% asset forfeiture.
On Monday you raid the businesses whose names start with the letter "A".
Tuesday, it's "B".
And so on.
In any business with more than 10% illegals, the entire HR department is prosecuted for criminal conspiracy.
Any business above 25% gets the CEO and entire executive staff and any members of the board of directors prosecuted criminally the same way.

The illegals themselves get deported and lifetime banned from ever re-entering.
If they've previously been apprehended and here illegally ever, they do 5 years at hard labor, then lifetime banned as well, along with all family members for three generations.

The hard labor?
They build the border wall that puts the Great Wall of China to shame, uninterrupted, from TJ to Brownsville.

By Thursday, every illegal in the country will be fired, and the line of cars loaded up like the Beverly Hillbillies and waiting to cross south on both the I-5/405 and I-35 Southbound will be backed up 100 miles, and the wait to cross will be accounted in days. International flights out of the US will be SRO for six months.

Couple that with applying the maximum US tax rate as self-employed to all money transfers greater than $100 outside the country, and the exodus out will become a tsunami.

You'll barely have to lift a finger, and the raids will be stopped as totally unnecessary before you get to "K".

Next question.

Rob said...

Ya the melting pot, give it a couple of generations and everyone blends in and THINKS American. It is not a fast process.

Peter, you missed my point. Physically, HOW are you going to move 5 million people and where are you going to put them?

The article talked about 20% of the bodies in the US being illegals' with 3 more years of Biden policy. 60-80 million people? That is a lot of people.

Think about it Peter, how do you deal with millions of people you want to go somewhere else? I say suck it up and make them Americans... it's worked for everyone else up to this point...

(This time I've for sure checked the email the comments box!)

jpbikerfreak said...

Shut down any business caught employing them, deny them welfare or assistance of any kind, seize all their assets when arrested, block their western union access, and they'll all find their own damn way back home