Thursday, April 24, 2008

A hunk of burning love - literally?

I've already mentioned the perhaps over-enthusiastic use of the Taser by police.

There's one guy in Canada who might have a whole new reason to dislike the thing.

A Hamilton man Tasered by police is in hospital after the stun gun ignited a "flammable object" in his pants, burning him.

The incident is under review by Ontario's Special Investigations Unit, which probes all police-related deaths and serious injuries. According to the SIU, police were called to a Queenston Road apartment in Hamilton's east end around 9 p.m. Thursday.

"Three officers went there in response to a disturbance call," said SIU spokesman Frank Phillips yesterday. "During the interaction, an officer discharged his Taser. A flammable object the man had in the waistband of his pants ignited."

Like the title of this post (and the song) says . . . "a hunk of burning love", perhaps?



Lonestar Gal said...

AWWWW... the poor critter. Scumbag will probably sue the police department for his boo boo, and win. Does not matter that he was perhaps fighting the officers endangering not just himself, but those around him.
No sympathy from this little corner of the world.
"Don't be a jackass, and you won't get burned!" ***Snicker!

fuzzys dad said...

This critter was really Hot stuff.