Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've had it with damnfool fashions!

Would someone please tell me why some women insist on dressing like tarts, floozies, prostitutes, hookers, sluts - call it what you will?

(I specifically exempt ladies from this criticism. Ladies are women who have some sense of self-respect. Regrettably there are far fewer ladies around today than there used to be. For those of my readers who fit this definition, a heartfelt Thank You!)

The latest outrage is this.

Yes, it's an ultra-low-cut pair of jeans with a semi-bikini (if I can dignify those scraps of material with that name) above it.

For anyone tempted to wear one of these culotte catastrophes, allow me to point out a couple of facts.

1. You'll be on display like a side of beef in a butcher's shop. Why???

2. To any man with a sense of respect for women, you'll be a slap in the face - because you'll be flaunting the fact that you neither want, nor are worthy of, any respect whatsoever.

3. To your neighborhood gang-bangers and rapists, you'll be clearly asking for whatever you get. You don't believe me? Try working in a high-security prison, as I have. Listen to the sex offenders brag.

- "I gave that ho what she was lookin' for!"

- "O' course she wanted it, dressed like that!"

- "Bitch hangs it all out like that, she's ready, bro."

I haven't made up a single one of those statements - and I've left out others that I won't publish in my blog for reasons of language and decency.

And for those men who look at those jeans, snigger, and say, "Yeah, I'd like to see my gal in those!" - consider this.

Would you let your early-teen daughter wear them?

Why not?

If you don't want her to wear them, why do you want any other woman to wear them?

Oh, for the days when clothes were carefully chosen to frame and set off a woman's beauty! Today they seem to be designed to serve only as the rim of a sewer manhole! (And yes, I'm aware of the double implication of that word. I use it deliberately.)

To my lady readers - am I crazy? I'd love to hear from you in Comments.



Fire Fox said...

I (being a modest person) wouldn't be caught dead in something like this. It is offensive and overly provocative. I don't allow my daughter to wear inappropriate clothing (she hasn't expressed a desire to anyhow). I am impressed with your thoughts about this subject and am going to link to you so my readers (all four of them!) can share their thoughts with you as well. Thanks!

bob@thenest said...

Well, from a male reader, all I can tell you is that I dearly hope no female I know would ever wear one. Total lack of respect for oneself.

Xavier said...

Well said Peter!

fuzzys dad said...

I can back up you comments about the prisoners comments.I work in a Maximum Security Facility.
No I would not want my daugthers to wear this trash.Nor I do not want to see any woman wear such trash.

MorningGlory said...

What truly amazes me is that the schools allow the female students to dress like this. And not just high school; I've seen middle school girls dressed like floozies, and no one seems to think it's a problem.

AmericanMercenary said...

In theory a woman should be able to dress as she likes and wander the streets unmolested.

In reality it doesn't work that way. I wish it did.

But if a woman is going to dress like that, her accessories need to be Bianchi and holding a Glock.

Christina LMT said...

Not only is the "outfit" offensive, the fact that the PRICE of the outfit is probably inversely proportionate to the amount of fabric used...THAT'S offensive as well! Not to mention all the women who absolutely don't have the figure for it squeeeeeeezing themselves into it...!
I'm so thankful for the strict dress code at my daughter's school. Not that she'd want to wear anything like this, or that I'd let her if she did!

Oleg Volk said...

Peter, I must disagree with you. It is no more immodest than shorts showing ankles, calves and a bit of thigh. They might be less concealing than outfits more typical of those used in the US today, but their owners no more "ask" to get raped than the Africans who go topless in RSA.

We can't dress around the gangbanger ideas of modesty. If they try to justify rape by the dress of the victim, shoot them. Same as if they use any other excuse.

KD5NRH said...

So many women accessorise so poorly that those pants just seem rather minor by comparison.

Anonymous said...

I´m impressed by your sensitive and sensible thoughts about so much violence hanging over women. I´ll never understand why so many men use so violent a language, though they´re not necessarily rapers; they don´t seem to think of sex as sharing but as subjecting your partner whether in a symbolical fashion or not. It´s like women have to be "punished" for something they alledgedly deserve. The worst thing is that women are not free enough to go outdoors half naked safely: some of them might want to express themselves in such a way, and I think that, like it or not, that has to do with women equalness as well.