Friday, April 25, 2008

Politics, aptly summed up

In this election season, the photograph below (received via e-mail from Fred - thanks, buddy!) says it all.

Click for a larger view.

I think it was Churchill who once spoke about 'the politics of the sewer'. I think he'd approve!



fuzzys dad said...

No doubt about it. there is a lot of B.S. being spread around.

Don Gwinn said...

It's really not that hard to follow, people.

1. Obama didn't really mean he wanted to ban guns. The questionnaire was filled out by an aide. Who can't be located. And who has the same handwriting as Obama.

2. McCain didn't really mean his campaign finance reform. Well, he meant it for everyone else, but he never intended it to imply to him, so he's not being inconsistent.

3. Hillary Clinton . . . she . . . there was . . . . some things just can't be spun.

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