Sunday, April 20, 2008

Really s****y day

I'm afraid my regular Weekend Wings column and other posts have had to take a back seat today.

I got called in to help with a really, really nasty family counseling situation. Don't ask - you don't want to know. Trust me!

Anyway, after several hours of talking and listening I've just got home. I'm beat!

I'm going to pour a stiff brandy and hit the sack for a few hours. If I feel more human when I wake up, I'll post in the early morning. Weekend Wings will be on hiatus until next weekend.



Anonymous said...

Well, you've gotten to the very best part of any s****y day: the end.

There's a story out of South Africa that says that the dock workers have refused to unload 7.62x39 and RPG ammunition destined for Zimbabwe. The SA gov't had apparently given permission to ship it overland, but cooler heads seem to be prevailing, as these munitions are likely to be used against the opposition party, as opposed to any valid military purpose.
Turns out they were ordered the same day as the elections, hmmm.
Still and all, I wanted to note that like other Commonwealth nations, the citizens of South Africa are clearly smarter than their Government. Good on them!

Christina RN LMT said...

Sorry about your crap day. Hope it was the last of those for a long time. Take care!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for doing the work you do. I am glad your crappy day is over and pray God gave you a decent might's sleep and a day to recover from it!


Anonymous said...

I can relate...I make a living doing domestic and civil mediation and some days are just like your day. Single Malt Scotch is just the answer those days.

HollyB said...

Since it's Monday now, I hope you got that good night's rest you needed.
I echo Steve's sentiments...thank you for helping others.

phlegmfatale said...

You are very good to help others as you do. I'm sure you're a great comfort to everyone who seeks your aid.