Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Too much time on his hands?

Courtesy of BoingBoing, we learn of the Disintegrator.

It's a full-auto rubber-band gun. According to the inventor's Web site, it has 24 revolving barrels, carries a full load of 288 rubber bands, and can fire over 40 bands a second (2,400 per minute, if you can reload fast enough!).

The video below shows the Disintegrator in action. WARNING: the video has the loudest and most obnoxious music I've heard in a while, so turn down the volume or shut the speaker off entirely!

*Sigh* . . . boys and their toys!



Billll said...

It's things like this, and spud guns, and huge devices that hurl pumpkins that emphasize why engineers should never be unemployed.
Squirrel and rat traps:

Billll said...

Here's the finished item: