Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Now here's an offer you can't refuse!

Sometimes I find a Web page that makes me laugh out loud.

This is one.

From their advertising blurb:

Now you can own one of the actual bullets fired at Hillary Clinton by Bosnian Snipers in 1996.

From the harrowing tale of bravery lived by First Lady Hillary and daughter Chelsea, comes a rare historical artifact, an actual Bosnian Sniper's bullet, that very well could have changed the course of history forever.

The world witnessed it. History recorded it. Hillary told it!

After thousands of painstaking hours of investigation, exploration and tense negotiations with nefarious clandestine snipers and secret contacts within the Bosnian government, we finally acquired 418,387 bullets actually fired at Hillary Clinton at the Tuzla Airfield in Bosnia, 1996. These bullets we're only recently smuggled into the U.S. and are now available to the general public. These bullets are not just a part of history, they are history, and now you can own one of these rare and precious artifacts.

And perhaps my favorite testimonial from the site:

"All I can say is wow! My second chance to hold Clinton history in my hand!"
...Monica Lewinski, Former White House Intern

Needless to say, the site's a spoof . . . but a very well done one!



Pappy said...

Did you order one, just so you could hold what could have changed history in your hand?

Murphy said...

Meh, I'll let him hold his own 'history', thankyee very much.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, maybe I'd find this funnier if I didn't work with a guy who has his own 'authentic sniper bullet': its embedded in his hipbone, and it didn't cost him any $14.99: just his mother and father, one son, his home and pretty much all he owned.