Monday, March 23, 2009

Doofus Of The Day #189

Today's Doofus award goes to an Italian manufacturer of smelly cards for kids.

An Italian company that makes foul-smelling collectible novelty cards said it is recreating the cards without the odors after a class of children became ill.

Skifidol Puz, which translates to Nasty Idol Smell, said it redesigned the collectible character cards after 16 elementary schoolers and their teacher in the city of Turin were hospitalized Thursday and cards were confiscated as the suspected cause of their ill health, ANSA reported Monday.

The new cards, branded "No Smell, But Stronger," are due to hit Italian newsstands Sunday.

Andrea Marchesi, chief executive of Officina Comunicazione, which holds the brand rights to the cards, said posters advertising the new set will read: "Skifidol Puzz, accused of stinking, get washed and don't pong anymore."

Marchesi said he expects the new set to "sell like hot cakes, like their predecessors, even without the smells."

Authorities said they are still testing the cards that were confiscated.

Er . . . guys? Here's a hint. If you want to sell lots of cards, it's a good idea not to gas your customers with their stench!



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Anonymous said...

20 or 30 years ago I remember a movie that had scratch-and-sniff cards. Although I never went to that movie, it directed viewers to scratch different numbers on their card during certain times of the movie. Although I no longer remember the movie, I remember their tag line from their radio ads. It said, "Watch out when you scratch number two!"