Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still enjoying the frozen North

I'm having a lot of fun, visiting with friends (some old, some new), discovering local coffee shops and pastries (many, varied and very tasty!), and generally seeing a place that's new to me. The volcano, Mount Redoubt, continues to spew smoke and ash South-West of Anchorage, but most of it's blowing off to one side, so we're not too badly affected.

Today we had lunch at a Thai restaurant. Lovely! I miss good Thai food, and the only Thai restaurant near my home (well, within a twenty-mile radius, anyway) doesn't have that great a selection. This was a real treat! I've been demonstrating some of my cooking, and it's been generally well received. Tonight I made fried tomatoes with herbs, spices and goats' milk cheese, served on toast with pickled onions. Tasty!

Another five days to enjoy myself before I leave the snow and ice (Mount Redoubt permitting) and head back to the warmth of Louisiana. I shall miss this place, though, and the friends I leave behind (although not for long, I hope!).



LabRat said...

onight I made fried tomatoes with herbs, spices and goats' milk cheese

Don't suppose you'd be inclined to post your methods and specifics? Because that sounds delicious.

Old NFO said...

Glad you're enjoying yourself!

Julie said...

glad to hear that you're having a good time!