Thursday, March 26, 2009

A most intriguing denial

I can't help but wonder what prompted a public denial from the headmaster of a Boston school.

The headmaster of a Boston private school says contrary to rumors her prestigious institution is not home to so-called vampires.

Boston Latin School administrator Lynne Mooney Teta said in a notice Thursday that despite recent rumors of so-called vampires being present at her school, Boston Latin is free of any of the fictional blood-sucking undead, The Boston Globe said.

"I seek your cooperation in redirecting your energy toward the learning objectives of day. Please do not sensationalize or discuss these rumors," Teta said in a notice to staff members, along with students and their parents.

Specific details of the vampire rumors were not reported.

Most intriguing! Why no further details of the rumor? Why the mystery? I hope we learn more, as I daresay my author friend Larry could incorporate this as a chapter in his next volume of Monster Hunter International.

One can only assume that some of the students dressed in a sort of "Goth Vamp" fashion . . . either that, or a student named Buffy went all medieval on her former boyfriend!


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Don Gwinn said...

No vampires . . . anymore.