Sunday, March 15, 2009

Now that's dedication to duty!

I'm still laughing after reading this brief report from North Dakota.

A man was arrested for trespassing early Saturday morning near Minot after his car was hit by a train, and that`s not the most bizarre part. Police say two people were in the car having sex, and they say the couple was still having sex when police arrived after the Amtrak train hit. Neither person was hurt. Brennan Cunningham was arrested for trespassing on B.N.S.F. property. Police are testing his blood to see if he was drunk.

Er . . . perhaps drunk . . . or just really, really into what (or who) he was doing!

"Did the earth move for you, darling?"

"You idiot! That was no orgasm - that was Amtrak!"


EDITED TO ADD: At some point today (Monday 03/16/09) the source article was edited to remove any reference to the couple having sex. I've no idea why, and no explanation was given. It now simply reports the accident. However, the original text of the article, as posted above, was accurately reported. I have to admit, it's much more fun than the corrected version!



Anonymous said...

OK, that's funny...


Anonymous said...

"I feel the earth move, under my feet.."

Wasn't that a Carole King song?