Saturday, October 3, 2009

Moving - day 6

At long last, everything's out of the old place and into the new. I've got my own stuff, plus the belongings of a deceased friend that I have to sort out, plus some items left for safe-keeping by a friend, so I've got a mountain of boxes and bags to deal with! I reckon I'll have all of my own things in place within a week or two, but the rest will be tackled at the rate of two or three boxes per day over the rest of the year. I hope it'll all be sorted out by Christmas.

I'm having fun sorting out 'teething troubles' in the new house. My new-to-me (bought used) washer and dryer were installed on Thursday, and this afternoon I tried my first load of washing. Bad result - the washer was left half-full of water after the cycle ended. I took out the clothes, wrung them as dry as I could, and tossed them in the dryer (which worked, thanks be!). I was initially inclined to call the shop on Monday from which I'd purchased them, and have them fix the washer: but I decided to do a bit of investigating. I'm glad I did: the problem turned out to be no more complicated than a kinked outlet hose. Once I'd straightened it out and re-routed it, the washer performed just fine. I've just finished my third load of laundry.

My new-to-me (bought used) upright freezer is also giving problems, less easy to diagnose. It's taken a full three days to drop its internal temperature down to zero degrees Fahrenheit, and the motor hasn't shut off once. I suspect either a low gas level in the system, or perhaps a faulty thermostat. Can any of my readers who know more about such things than I, suggest likely causes for the problem? I'll call the shop on Monday and get them to have a look, while it's still under warranty.

Anyway, it's been a hectic week, but there's light at the end of the tunnel - and I don't think it's an oncoming train.



Julie said...

glad to hear that everything has been moved in .. hope the "teething problems" sort themselves out soon

Stranger said...

The freezer problem is most likely low Freon level, but it COULD be either a leaky door gasket or not enough air circulation to carry the heat away.

Try slipping a crisp new bill between the door and the freezer case, and sliding it up and down and around to check for light but constant pressure all the way around the door. Especially on the hinge side, where the weight of the door can make it pull away from the case.

Also check and see if you have a coil on the back of the freezer. That needs a good bit of air circulation. If not, check for the outside of the freezer getting more than comfortably warm. Do what you need to to cool things off if you find a problem.

That said, it's still ten to one that it needs a shot of Freon.


Old NFO said...

Agree with Stranger on all counts. If the seal is bad, or coils are dinged from the move, get another one and don't waste time trying to fix that one. I've tried twice to replace seals and never got them to not leak... sigh... Hopefully it just needs a shot of what passes for Freon these days. Note too- it normally takes at least 24 hours for stabilization after one is moved.

STxRynn said...

I've had freezers and fridges not work well after moving them. Usually took a couple days to work out "bubbles?" in the freon. I'm not sure the why, just the wait...


K Powers said...

If you moved the freezer lying on its side and then stood it up and immediately plugged it in... that may be your problem. Try turning it off for about 12 hours to let the coolant collect itself.