Sunday, April 25, 2010

'Alice Day': a sick pedophile anniversary

Many of my readers may not be aware that April 25th is celebrated as 'Alice Day' by many pedophiles. My friend Strings, who's active in Bikers Against Child Abuse, asked me to link to a post by a friend of his giving details of this sick 'festival'. She writes:

Alice Day is a celebration by pedophiles and child rapists, who have distorted the relationship between Alice Liddell and Charles Dodgson – author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (though you know him by his pen name of Lewis Carroll). They claim there was a sexual relationship between he and the child just because he would take her and other children on rowing trips telling them stories he would create through his own imagination. This has become known as “the Alice myth” and has absolutely no foundation in truth.

This was accompanied by the naming of the pedophile site used to lure young girls in a way to introduce them to sex with older men, the site named Annabelliegh, or Girl Chat. This is their twisted distortion of Edgar Alan Poe’s poem, Annabel Lee.

The pedophiles and child rapists have adopted what they call “Alice Day” in celebration of who they revere as a pedophile’s hero and their own sick ideas of little Alice and children like her, of enticing children with stories and any other means to gain a victim.

There are many ways pedophiles and sexual predators will celebrate this day and this month :

1. Find activities in their area involving children – such as parties, park outings, sporting events

– They will watch the children, photograph the children, and attempt to have a BM or GM, which stands for “Boy Moment” and “Girl Moment”. This includes a conversation with the child, in which they could gain information to get to the child at a later date. However, this could also include just sitting back watching a particular child at play.

They appraise a child’s form as if it were that of a stripper in a club, and they write the moment down later for their friends – online and in real life – with added feelings of desire they had while exploring the child’s body with their eyes and filthy mind.

Please keep in mind that a child does not have to be nude or in a bathing suit to be visualized that way by these people.

2. Seek victims for themselves

– either through the first option or by riding around looking for easy targets: children walking alone, children playing outside with no supervision, children wandering in a store with an inattentive parent… I don’t have to tell you the rest as “victim” says it all.

3. Seek victims for others – through option 1 as well as option 2.

The information they attain through their Boy or Girl moment is not always kept to themselves, especially on Alice Day. They get that information and share it to their pedophilia ring friends so that others will have a chance at acquiring a victim at a later date. The children they snare also often become shared sexual toys for themselves as well as others in their group.

4. Wear pink and Girl Logo images.

There's more at the link. Please take the time and trouble to read it, and spread the word, so that as many people as possible are aware of what these sickos are up to on that day (and every day, for that matter). The more people who are aware of them, and on the lookout for them, the fewer kids will become their victims.

Thanks for the heads-up, Strings. More power to you and BACA in dealing with these scum!



Anonymous said...

No monsters, only people.


Silver the Evil Chao said...

Sic Anonymous on them. They will be decimated.

Justthisguy said...

Some people see pedophiles everywhere. I found it very annoying one time, when flying a rubber model in a public park, the mother of a kid who saw me flying it walked up and asked me what business I had talking to her kid. Well, scuse me, Ma'am, he walked up to me and expressed interest, and I gave him my name and phone number, and the name of the firm who made the kit I built the model from.

I mostly can't stand neurotypical women in general, and American Mommies in particular.

Anonymous said...

well its not illegal to look at other people or children for that matter.

The above poster is right many parents once they become parents they naturally develop an almost insane amount of concern for their child. Many Parents do things that with out children would normally never do or assume.

If i was you i would just ignore her, or get her arrested for spreading false rumors that you are there for the children.

Now the average adult male cant even go to the park with out people bothering them, telling them they have no business to be there.