Friday, April 30, 2010

A suggestion to deal with the illegal immigrant problem

The political blog HillBuzz has a suggestion about how to highlight the problem with illegal immigration - although it's not one that liberal politicians will necessarily appreciate.

What if billboards were put up all through Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and Nevada pointing the way to San Francisco for all illegal aliens?

These would be written in Spanish so the illegal aliens can read them.

They would also feature plenty of large, colorful pictures for anyone who might be completely illiterate.

Each billboard would be like those signs in the mall that say YOU ARE HERE and direct you to the food court with big arrows and simple directions.

The billboards would depict San Francisco as the greatest utopia on Earth ... a sanctuary city where illegals’ dreams all come true, and the Liberals entrenched there welcome all criminals with wide-open arms and faces stained with joyful tears.

Come to San Francisco, lawbreakers.

Come to the Bay Area, anyone who doesn’t believe they have to follow US law.

San Francisco is calling, so bitch, ya’ll best answer da phone.

This would be a fun Photoshop Challenge project, too, because if we can’t ever get these billboards put up, we could at least make posters that people in border states could possibly print up. They could plaster them all over the place in border states, like people did with the Joker posters against Ben Nelson in Nebraska.

“Move to the Sanctuary City of San Francisco” should be a major push…depicting the city as a Candyland for illegal aliens.

Let’s see what Gavin Newsom does then.

Let’s watch as California completely collapses under the weight of all those criminals.

Purge them from Arizona and Texas first, two states with brass ones big enough to start this, then work on Nevada and New Mexico, and drive all these lawbreakers into the den of anarchy that most deserves them…with San Francisco, in particular, being the favored nesting place.

Will the Liberals of San Francisco, from their perch on Knob Hill, be so found of unrestricted illegal immigration and the non-enforcement of existing law when it’s not the border states having to shoulder the burden, but Leftist utopia San Francisco?

There's more at the link.

Personally, I think it's a great idea! I'm all in favor of legal immigration - I'm an immigrant myself! - including a guest worker visa program to allow for seasonal farm labor, etc.: but the present situation, where millions and millions of illegal immigrants are leeching off the US economy, taking jobs that Americans need very badly right now, burdening our medical and social systems, and not paying their share of taxes and other dues, is simply outrageous. There can be no solution, no improvement, unless and until we seal the borders and deport those here illegally. Only then can we start to set up a better system, one that will avoid the problems we're experiencing at present.

Nice one, HillBuzz!


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Anonymous said...

Yes,lets write off that whole damn state. Yes California has a bunch or screwed up people in it, but how many of them came from someplace else, like maybe where you live. Now think about tactics in a battle, is it more difficult to establish a pocket of resistance or support one that is all ready in place. It is a BIG state, don't paint everyone with the same brush. Come to think of it how many NRA members are in California?