Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An underwater river???

Surely 'an underwater river' is a contradiction in terms . . . but some amazing photographs purport to show a river beneath the water, all right!

Note the diver circled in red. According to Bin's Corner, where I found these pictures, the 'river' is a layer of hydrogen sulphide at the bottom of the Angelica Cenote in Mexico.

There are more photographs at the link. Fascinating!



Mikael said...

Wow, stunning, unfortunately 60 meters goes into the realm of technical diving(in PADI's system, it's four steps out of five on the technical diving ladder...)

Unfortunately I am not qualified for that yet(as a mere "deep diver"/open water scuba instructor). I can go only to 40 meters. And just the first step of learning technical diving costs as much as the instructor course!

Anonymous said...

A "river" of hydrogen sufide is not something I'd want to be getting too close to... even under water.

Anonymous said...

what is the thing the lake is made out of??hydrogen sufide

you know how did it get there and ect

the 5 w

who what where when why and how