Thursday, September 15, 2011

The G-men of the FBI

Courtesy of a link over at Tam's place some weeks ago, I found a Web site called 'Faded Glory: Dusty Roads Of An FBI Era'. It's devoted to the G-men (agents) of the FBI in the 1930's. It contains a host of fascinating facts, documents and references about law enforcement during and immediately after the age of Prohibition. Examples include:

The entire Web site is a fascinating resource for those interested in crime and law enforcement in an earlier age. I would think it'll be indispensable for those writing about the era, either in fiction or non-fiction. Highly recommended.


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Unknown said...

I recommended your blog to my dad, and sent him a link to this site. He's a retired cop, and he LOVES it! He has done a fair amount of research on the gangsters and the g-men who chased them. He knew Winstead personally, and he's sending it on to some other octogenarians from back in the day.

He's pretty excited; I may have to remind him again to look at more of your blog!