Thursday, September 29, 2011

Larry's got another book out - this time with a friend

My blogbuddy and bestselling author, Larry Correia, has a new book out this week. He co-wrote this one with Mike Kupari, who in real life is an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technician with the US Air Force. The book is called 'Dead Six'. You'll find a review of it here, and Larry's linked to a few more on his blog.

I stand second to no man in my admiration for Larry Correia and his literary success . . . but I'm sure he'll be the first to agree that, if you want to see a true hero in the flesh, look no further than Mike Kupari. This guy goes out each and every day to defuse bombs that could vaporize him in an instant, and deal wholesale death and destruction to his comrades in arms. There aren't any words to describe the cold, calculated courage needed to do that, not just once, not just for a week or two, but for a whole freaking year-long tour of duty in Afghanistan!!! He's over there right now. All I can say is, if I ever meet Mike in meatspace, the food, the drinks, and anything else I can afford are on me.

I haven't yet received my copy of the book, but it's on the way. I can hardly wait! Congratulations to Larry on another book, and to Mike for his first book in print. May there be many more, both jointly and severally!


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Tom Stedham said...

I'll have to get a copy from Amazon!