Friday, September 23, 2011

Vertigo in pictures!

I found an interesting collection of vertigo-inducing photographs over at My Modern Metropolis today. Here are a few examples. (Click each picture for a larger view.)

View from the 77th floor inside the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai, China

Date and location not specified

Date and location not specified

There are many more at the link. Some make me giddy just looking at them!



Lokidude said...

I've been in that hotel, a few floors above that. The picture doesn't hold a candle to the vertigo of actually being there. Particularly when you're a bit acrophobic.

Anonymous said...

The second photo almost looks as if it were from the top of the radio mast on the Empire State Building.


Anonymous said...

I loathe such pictures. I've been far more comfortable upside-down at 35,000 feet with four nylon straps and 1/4" of plexiglas between me and eternity than I am standing on a precipice as pictured. I cannot watch Peter's videos of BASE jumpers or windsuit gliders without a retraction of my privates.


jbrock said...

I can't even look at those without wanting to hork. Vertigo, indeed.

And airplanes don't really bother me. Go figure.

skreidle said...

Peter, have you seen/shared this super-high-tower-climbing video?