Sunday, January 18, 2015

A bunch of overfed bloggers

Phlegmfest 2015 is in full swing.  Many blogging friends have converged on the home of the lovely Phlegm and Lawdog, including (in alphabetical order) AEPilot Jim, Evyl Robot Michael, Jennifer, JPG, Matt G, Miss D., Old NFO, myself, and several others.

Yesterday saw large quantities of varied and sundry foods consumed.  Breakfast at a local eatery (heavy on biscuits, gravy, eggs, bacon and other goodies) was followed by snacking on Romanian, Russian and Bulgarian sausages, jalapeno cheese rolls, all sorts of salads and desserts, cheeses of various kinds, garlic prawn soup (courtesy of Old NFO) . . . I can't possibly remember everything (although I did my best to digest it).  Various beverages washed it down, including more of the moonshine cherries for those who hadn't yet sampled them (Matt G.'s comment, interspersed with coughing and spluttering:  "Gee!  These cherries really DO absorb the alcohol!").

Today we're repeating yesterday, starting with breakfast of kolaches (with and without jalapenos), donuts and leftovers from yesterday.  (There's a chocolate pecan dessert that's calling my name . . .)  We'll spend the time telling stories, sharing jokes and just plain enjoying each other's company.  I'm still grinning at AEPilot Jim's report-back.  He spent some time flying a LearJet in Angola a few years ago.  Following my military misadventures there during the 1980's, I'd told him to look for this or that or the other interesting aircraft wreck, or downed bridge, or ruined building (some of them dating from approximately the time of my visits).  He confirmed to the gathering, in an impressed tone, that "Whenever Peter said I'd find an aircraft wreck off the runway, the damn thing was still there!"  African cleanup takes decades . . . )

Miss D. and I will be leaving tomorrow, heading slowly back to Tennessee via Louisiana, where I have to deal with that State's bureaucracy about a couple of issues.  We should be home by the end of the week.  I hope to have more regular Internet access from tomorrow night, too - there's none at the place where we're staying for the weekend.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend, folks.  I'll sip a moonshine cherry or two in your honor.


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Jennifer said...

Was so very wonderful to spend time with all of you. Blood relations are over-rated. My family is chosen.