Saturday, January 31, 2015

Remember that "brothel investigator"?

Back in September last year I reported on an Australian 'brothel investigator'.

Three years ago Fred Allen was a taxi driver working 12-hour shifts to make ends meet.

Today, he is a gun for hire, having received tens of thousands of dollars from Sydney's metropolitan councils in exchange for crucial evidence that is presented in court to help expose and close underground parlours. In short, Mr Allen has paid sex with prostitutes and ratepayers foot the bill.

"Never in a million years would I have imagined a job like this existed, let alone me doing it," the 60-year-old said, with a hint of a smirk. "It's a strange world for sure."

There's more at the link.

It seems Mr. Allen was enjoying his job a little too much . . .  The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

A private investigator who gets paid by councils to have undercover sex inside illegal brothels has been fired after withholding information about a prostitute whom he met on a job.

. . .

In a letter dated October 23, Brothel Busters head Chris Seage wrote to Mr Allen, and warned: "It is my view you may have breached the code of ethics for private investigators in Australia.

"Let me be clear on this;  I hold very seriously the withholding of information from your reports.  You said yesterday the sex worker, Sophie, provided you with her phone number so you could contact her outside the establishment to have sex with.  You said … you wouldn't mind taking her up on that.  Further, you said you didn't want to get her in trouble ... you withheld this information to protect the sex worker who you took a liking to."

Wishing to forward the report onto the Department of Immigration, Mr Seage ordered the investigator to refile his report, adding: "You must agree to be 100 per cent honest." But Mr Allen refused to return phone calls or emails.

When approached for comment, Mr Allen said the girl, Sophie, did hand him her private details so they could meet away from the brothel, but denied seeing her again.

"I did not provide the phone number as I was not aware of who else was involved in having access to this report and was concerned for the safety of both her and myself."

Mr Seage, however, confirms that Mr Allen was hired to make two undercover visits to the premises that week and in his first report, "willingly provided" the private contact details of another illegal sex worker, Amy, with whom he had "engaged" onsite.

NSW Special Minister of State Anthony Roberts said the government was continuing to monitor "this very complex issue".

Again, more at the link.

Perhaps Mr. Allen found the atmosphere at his 'workplace' a little Sophie-cating?



Sunnybrook Farm said...

This guy worked hard but hardly worked.

Ken W said...

I live in Australia, I'm available. "Hey Babe,would you mind if I have a career change?" She's not smiling! Lol