Friday, January 2, 2015

What the . . . ???

I could hardly believe my eyes when I came across this chair while looking for lounge furniture.

The 'Tulip Leisure Chair' boggles my mind.  It reminds me of nothing so much as an upholstered version of a Venus Flytrap, waiting to bite my backside as soon as I sit down in it!  Miss D. reckons it would make a perfect cat ambush device.  We can both envisage our cat concealing herself in its depths, waiting to launch herself at passing humans targets with a predatory yowl.

We tried to visualize a couple of these things in our living-room, looked at each other, then shook our heads in unison.  We'll find something a bit more conventional, thank you very much!



Snoggeramus said...

Oooh ... velvety butt suction trap. The mind doth boggle!

Graybeard said...

I ... I don't think I could ever get out of that.

Definitely not the chair for someone with any kind of back problems.