Sunday, January 4, 2015

Must . . . not . . . mortgage . . . my . . . pension . . .

There's a firearms auction coming up in March at the well-known firm of James D. Julia Inc.  I don't think I've ever seen so many 'grail guns' available before!  Here are only a few of the remarkable firearms for sale.

Cased Siamese Borchardt C-93 Pistol with Stock & Accessories

Part of Evergreen Ventures Class III machine-gun collection

Confederate bronze Napoleon cannon with carriage and limber -
the only Confederate Napoleon cannon ever offered at auction

Remington Model 1858 Army revolver, holster and knife,
in 1876 and taken from his body by Indians

Smith & Wesson 1950 Target revolver engraved by Don Gower,
property of the late Elmer Keith

Spanish bronze mortar, 1784, from Springfield Arsenal Artillery Collection
(click here for a video of it being fired)

There are many more rare firearms to be seen at the link.  It's like Mecca for firearms enthusiasts . . . a very expensive Mecca, unfortunately!

(I think Murphy's Law should buy that Spanish blackpowder mortar.  He can use it to fire a basket of tennis balls from his porch, to be chased down and returned by his dogs.  As a bonus, he might be able to bounce the balls noisily off the roofs of some of his more annoying neighbors!)



Anonymous said...

It is a fun event- plus you get to handle all the firearms at the preview,closely supervised by all the lovely young ladies Julia's has on hand to help! Rough duty,,,

Dan F. said...

I could mortgage my pension and still not be able to afford most of those guns.

Old NFO said...

Not looking... Nope, not even...

Will said...

That "Port of Evergreens" photo looks like Charlton Heston's gun collection.