Monday, January 19, 2015

Back on the road

Miss D. and I said goodbye to Phlegmmy and Lawdog this morning over heaping plates of breakfast at a local hostelry (enhanced by the smell of burning plastic insulation as some appliance or other shorted out), then hit the road.  We drove through the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex (which is even bigger and more crowded than it was when I was last there, about six years ago) and headed East.

We're overnighting in Shreveport, where tomorrow I'll try to navigate my way through the sometimes Byzantine labyrinths of the Louisiana DMV.  When I left this State five years ago, I tried to re-register my vehicles in Tennessee, my new domicile;  but things seem to have gone awry between the Tennessee DMV and Louisiana equivalent, leaving two of my three vehicles hanging in a sort of bureaucratic limbo.  This makes disposing of them rather awkward.  I'm hoping that my physical presence and a couple of affidavits can speed things up to the point where I can finalize everything at last.

Hopefully it won't take too long to unclog the administrative plumbing;  then Miss D. and I will head out again on our way back to Nashville.  We'll overnight somewhere tomorrow, as I don't think we'll have enough time to complete the journey in a single day, and probably get home sometime on Wednesday.  We'd hoped to be away a couple of days longer, but planned get-togethers with other online friends and acquaintances didn't work out, so we'll have to save those plans for the next road-trip.

Normal blogging should resume on Thursday.  I'll try to post occasional updates until then.

(Amazingly, some moonshine cherries have managed to survive this far!  I may have to indulge myself with a nightcap for the road - purely in the interests of science, of course . . . after all, I want tomorrow's bureaucratic negotiations to bear fruit.)



Al said...

Have no fear, Peter. I know where we can get more of those cherries just down the road.

Just wait until I introduce you to apple pie. :-)

Old NFO said...

Dang, we missed some??? How did THAT happen? Travel safe and good luck with DMV!

STxRynn said...

Man, take some with you to the DMV! That'll doubtless grease the wheels of that Napoleonic Morass.