Thursday, January 8, 2015

The smartest football team in the world?

That's what this video claims, at any rate.  Judge for yourself.

Sounds like the students are doing OK.  Now, let's arrange a faculty-versus-faculty, professor-versus-professor matchup between MIT and Caltech . . .



Mark Matis said...

"Sat, Jan 3"

Sherm said...

As a freshman my daughter swam for a school in the same Div3 conference as Caltech. She reported that Caltech's swimmers were a pretty nerdy looking bunch. However, the school deserves kudos because they required all students to participate in a sport.

(I'm glad Foxtrot got linked. It harkens back to the great Rose Bowl hoax )

Mike_C said...

Nice to see the MIT football team doing well. The MIT-Caltech rivalry has
taken many forms
, but not football, so far as I know. (And it is shameful that the best write-up about the classic "all Tech men wear batteries" is on a Harvard (shudder) site.) Among my mostly-repressed memories of MIT, I do remember that the Caltech transfers to MIT stood out in two ways. First, they tended to be really smart, even by the MIT standard. Second, they also stood out for nerdiness. Again even by the MIT standard.

MIT supposedly (i.e. I can't be bothered to verify this) had the greatest number of intramural sports programs of any major university in the US. My cynical officemate observed, "When no one else is able to run, throw a ball, or talk to girls without breaking into a flop sweat either, then you're not that worried about being laughed at. So people do sports. And still fail at talking to girls." Also, MIT has traditionally done well in collegiate shooting competitions.