Friday, January 23, 2015

Fancy a (very big) cookout?

I note with bemusement that what's claimed to be the world's largest barbecue grill is for sale on eBay.  Asking price is a mere $350,000.00 - plus $3.58 standard shipping!

According to the Telegraph:

The "Undisputable Cuz", as the [present owners] call it, can cook four tonnes of meat at a time from a surprisingly small fire.

But if you're not sure a 24-door barbecue with seven chimneys is enough to make your summer party go down in history, the trailer is also fitted with a walk-in cooler, beer taps and space for a television and stereo.

There's more at the link.  Here's a video clip of the beast in action.

Hmm . . . if we took up a collection, I wonder if we could get that for our next Blogorado gathering?



Graybeard said...


Anonymous said...

If this is a crowd funding thing, count me in for 10 bucks if that gets me a hot dog off the first time you fire it up.

Anonymous said...

Does the tractor come with it?

Old NFO said...

Yeah, that would work... :-)

Brigid said...

You need to talk to Farm Mom.