Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Flat out on four wheels around the Isle of Man

Last year Subaru sent one of their WRX STI rally/race cars around the motorcycle Isle of Man TT circuit.  Here's the full lap, including commentary from the driver.  Note the instruments on the screen, showing speed, heart rate, etc.  I recommend watching it in full-screen mode to get an idea of just how fast he's going on the tight, narrow circuit.

A great piece of driving - but you couldn't pay me enough to ride next to him!



Randy said...

I get so used to watching F1 and Moto GP where they have gobs of run off room, that it is scary to see bikes and cars going over 160 MPH with parked cars, spectators, and even buildings at the edge of the road. Wow.

Old NFO said...

WOW!!! Talk about balls out racing... But for him it's ho hum, another day at the office... "It's bit dodgy" he says as he blast through a corner at 154 mph and the car jumps sideways??? Sigh

Mark Matis said...

Oh, come on now! Grow a pair! Couldn't pay you enough to ride with him? Hell, there are PLENTY who would rob their retirement fund to pay HIM for that opportunity.

At least he didn't scare the sheep like this guy:

NornIron Lad said...

So, explain why Americans watch NASCAR again?


Mark Matis said...

There are two reasons for that, NornIron Lad:

1. To see the Big One, which NASCAR has ensured will occur at EVERY race at EVERY superspeedway by their rules.

2. To watch Danica shake 'em when NASCAR tells her. Which is the only reason she still has a ride.

Paul said...

Dunno. Looked like some runs I've done out in the mountains. Nothing like high speed in the dark.