Saturday, April 18, 2015


Almost finished the beta draft of the sequel to 'War To The Knife'.  Look for this one in mid-May.

It's been tricky to make it work, because I've had to cover the process of a small resistance group rebuilding their off-planet resources from scratch, developing a fleet presence with warships and the mercenary crews necessary to operate and fight them, and beginning to take the war back to the enemy.  It covers almost eighteen months in time and moves between several planets.  The third volume of the Laredo War trilogy, 'Knife To The Hilt', scheduled for publication in November, will describe the final resolution of the conflict between Laredo and Bactria.

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I have writing it.



Old NFO said...

Looking forward to it! :-)

tom said...

I want it now!!

DaddyBear said...

Looking forward to reading this one!

Myranda_lynn said...

You know I'm actually looking forward to readding this and Hilt more than the next Maxwell installment(s).

Just a comment on the cover art... the title font seems a bit pixilated with the solid background. You might want to consider changing the background to be more sky-ish or changing the font. It just doesn't seem as clean as your other covers. Love the small craft though.