Monday, April 20, 2015

Quote of the day

This article made me laugh out loud.  Money quote:

It’s hard [to] muster raw sexual energy when you think foreplay consists of sobbing to your life partner about how you can’t bear the weight of your undeserved phallocentric privilege.

Er . . . quite so.



Old NFO said...

Um... er.... WTH???

Anonymous said...

I must be a terrible example of womanhood, because if some "guy" started doing this, I'd laugh, ask him to please delete me from his contact lists, offer him best wishes for the rest of his life, and leave.


Anonymous said...

LittleRed1 - Me too!


Toastrider said...

What the hell.

Anonymous said...

It says nothing good about me that the first thing to pop into my head was. Though I bet there is someone other there into that.