Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Quote of the day

Received via e-mail:

"We cannot tolerate the proliferation of this paperwork any longer. It is useless to fight the forms. We must kill the people producing them."
- Attributed to Vladimir Kabaidze, Director of the Ivanovo Machine Works near Moscow, in a speech before the annual Communist Party Congress, 1936.

Methinks the man had a point . . . it would certainly curb the growth of bureaucracy and Big Government if the bureaucrats were pruned back like that!



Scott said...

A couple of articles about his glasnost year efforts on Gorbachev's behalf and his visit to the US.

Billll said...

As comrade K was in effect calling for the violent overthrow of the government, he probably go a one-way ticket to Siberia the next day.

Coconut said...

@Billll - ah, but he wasn't! Everyone who heard him was sure to nod in agreement - for all THEIR forms and requirements were vital to the health of the State, but everyone knew those clowns across the hall with their reams of useless red tape.