Sunday, March 6, 2016

Doofus Of The Day #889

Today's award goes to a gormless selfie taker.

A good selfie isn’t all about angling the camera to hide your excess chins - a carefully considered backdrop is also key to any picture’s success.

One poor person found this out the hard way when she sent a selfie to her family, forgetting to put her sex toys away first.

. . .

Minutes later, the girl sent a frantic text to her sister, saying: “OK mayday mayday. That pic I just sent has not one but 2 dildos in it.”

She then urged her sis to “spam the fam text for a min so mom won’t see”.

Her sibling’s response? “I’m putting that on Imgur”.

And that’s exactly what she did.

There's more at the link, including a copy of the offending photograph.

I can't even begin to feel sorry for this girl.  If she doesn't have the sense to keep such things out of sight, she deserves all the teasing she's undoubtedly getting about them.  Whatever happened to personal modesty and a sense of privacy, anyway?



Old NFO said...

Oopsie... :-)

Bob said...


I believe that is one of the first things to vanish with the growth of entitlement.

Timbo said...

Ah, nobody will throw you under the bus faster than a loving sister. I speak from experience, with four of my own.

Mad Jack said...

A few years back Main Lady was shopping for a house. We stopped in to see one promising home. The location was okay, so we decided to take a tour. On the first floor is a statue of some kind of multi-armed India-type deity. Second floor, master bedroom, lying on the headboard with the cord coiled up neatly was a ahem marital aid.

Main Lady turned red and giggled. We left.