Saturday, December 3, 2016

A good deal on winter jackets

Here's a heads-up for any of my US readers looking for good-quality winter outerwear at a very reasonable price.  No, I'm not being paid or given any sort of kickback for mentioning this - I've just bought two of them myself, and wanted to share the good news with y'all.

Aramark is having a clearance sale on some of their overstocked items.  Among them is this 'WearGuard® System 365 Three-Season Jacket'.

It's available in various colors and sizes (from XS to 5XL), and it's currently priced at $28.99 and up, depending on size, etc.  (Not all sizes are available in all colors - check the combinations available.)  On the recommendation of a friend, I bought two, and they're every bit as good as he promised - well made, with decent-quality materials.  I haven't found the same value at a similar price at Walmart or other local clothing shops.  (Aramark also has other items on clearance, but I haven't bought them, so I can't give them a personal recommendation.)

If you need a medium-weight winter jacket, these seem to be good value for money.



Tewshooz said...

We bought one of these a couple of weeks ago when they were $19.99 and free shipping. Very nice jacket, fits well and well made.

Should have bought two of them.

Jim said...

Looks like a good deal. Unfortunately they are all either too small or way too large.

Will said...

Had quite a few pieces of that 365Series tabbed for order, and waited until this morning to place it. The shopping cart price was 2-3x higher for everything. No sale for me. Drat.
The listed sale prices didn't always match the actual sale price. Some were lower, some higher. I looked for a bit, but never found a color/size match for some of those really low "as low as...", but the actual prices looked good, for the most part.

Looked like nice gear. That jacket you bought zips into heavier jackets, which can zip into parkas. Lots of options for layers of various weights of insulation and features.

I just received a liner I bought for a shell that was incorrectly listed originally with liner, at LAPG. Can't zip in a one size larger liner, it turns out. Collar end of the zipper is about 2" higher, so no zip fit, sigh...

G706 said...

Thanks for posting. I bought jackets for my family. They are very nice jackets.