Friday, April 20, 2018


From Pearls Before Swine yesterday.  Click the image to be taken to a larger version at the cartoon's Web site.

I had someone try to pull that on me in my (much) younger days.  Things got physical, and I ended up with their fries (and their burger, and their milkshake) in addition to my own.  Ah, the ethics of hungry teenagers . . .



tkdkerry said...

Heh. Reminds of a college buddy who shared the cost of a pizza with me, then ate his half. Then tried to grab a slice of my half, indignently insisting that it was rightfully his since he had finished his half first. He was truly angered that I wouldn't let him eat it.

Old NFO said...

At least nobody got stabbed with a fork... :-)

Mad Jack said...

As overheard on a boy-scout camping trip:

Older Brother: Billy, what happened to the beans?
Younger Brother: Oh, I ate 'em.
OB: Half of that can was mine!
YB: I know, but your half was on top of my half, so I had to eat your half to get to my half.
OB: You little ?$%@!! I'm gonna -
Scoutmaster: Eddie and Billy? We don't use language like that in the Boy-Scouts. You two behave yourselves.

-- later --
YB: Wanna see me flip this burger?
OB: No...
YB: Watch!
OB: Yeah, real good. The burger is in the dirt. You sure are smart, Billy. What are you going to eat for dinner?
YB: That was your burger. Here's mine - see?
Scoutmaster: Eddie? Eddie! You stop that right now and behave yourself!

-- next morning --
Scoutmaster: Good Morning men! Did everyone sleep well? It's a good thing we didn't get any snow last night - here's two men sleeping under the stars.
OB: Billy? What happened to the tent?
YB: It burnt down around ten o'clock.
OB: What?
YB: You were asleep, so I didn't wake you.
OB: You burnt the tent down with me in it? I'm gonna @#%^!
Scoutmaster: Eddie! You let him up right now! Pretending to choke your little brother is not funny - he could get hurt that way.

This, by the way, is a true story and was typical of the dynamic of the household, but especially of the two oldest brothers. Whenever I felt bored I'd go over to their house and watch the circus.

Uncle Lar said...

Now that's just foolish. Everyone knows that you always get an extra order of fries for the driver.
In related news, no you may not skip ordering fries and just have a few of mine. I've seen your definition of few too many times before. See, in my book more than half is not few. Get your own damn fries.

froginblender said...

Great story Mad Jack LOL!