Friday, June 7, 2019

Bollywood meets car chases, #5

This scene from the 2009 comedy movie "All The Best: Fun Begins" isn't a car chase, but a car race.  Nevertheless, the improbable stunts and impossible accidents make it a fun ride, and worthy of inclusion in this series about how Bollywood can go over the top with almost anything.  Enjoy!

Love the car standing for an extended period on its nose, before being demolished by a direct hit amidships from another vehicle.  Even with today's non-chassis vehicles, I found that a bit of a stretch . . . but, hey - it's Bollywood!  Anything can, and usually does, happen!



Old NFO said...

Yep, over the top is being 'generous'... LOL

Eric Wilner said...

Ludicrous speed!

Will said...

I've seen them cut in two during accidents, but not quite like that. FWD types are weaker in the belly, due to lack of driveshaft tunnel, but normally cars get cut in half by impacting a light pole or slender tree, than by another vehicle. It's usually fatal. High speeds are involved, to develop the energy needed to rip them apart.