Wednesday, October 30, 2019

An oldie, but still funny as heck

I noticed this video at the Feral Irishman's place the other day.  I posted it on this blog back in 2016, but it made me laugh all over again to see it once more:  so I thought you might enjoy it again, too.

Somehow I don't think that relationship lasted . . .



Old NFO said...

Wow... THAT is brutal!

Unknown said...

"ViralBrothers" is a creation of two Czech fellows (Pseudonyms Čeněk Stýblo and Erik Meldik) along with their growing families.

Via google translate one can get a sense of them from various profiles that have been published in non-English media.

I get the impression that they come up with scenarios that they think will go viral, and then act them out.

As far as I can see from Czech wikipedia and the articles mentioned above, Čeněk and his girlfriend from the 2014 video are still happy together.

DaveS said...

Woah. I'm just as warped and twisted as the next guy, but I saw absolutely nothing there that made me laugh. Causing someone else pain is not funny. I watched that and all I could think was that she was an evil bitch and that I could never forgive someone who intentionally hurt someone else as a @#$%& joke.

Ned2 said...

She would have been backhanded and thrown out of the first available window if my girlfriend/wife ever did that to me.
(and hopefully I lived on the 5th floor)
Not funny.