Wednesday, April 15, 2020


A number of coffee shops have remained open in our nearby city during the shutdown, serving drive-through and take-out customers, and delivering their wares to homes and (the few open) businesses.  They aren't making huge amounts, but enough to keep their doors open, which I suppose is the best they can hope for in an economic standstill like this.  The variety of masks being worn by their customers is often good for a giggle.

That being the case, I had to laugh at Monday's "The Whiteboard" comic.  Click the image to be taken to a larger version at the comic's Web page.

"The Whiteboard" is one of my daily reads.  It's a lot of fun.



Beans said...

If you go to the web-page, the polar bear in the upper-left corner of the page is also wearing a mask.

Doc (the artist) gets it.

And who would ever think of using a nebelwerfer in a snowball fight? (IE: Read the whole comic. Even if you don't do paintball, it's worth it.)

Sam L. said...

Yep! Been reading this strip for some years.

Off The Wall said...

Thanks a lot Peter, now I have something fun to read while your productivity is suffering.