Friday, October 23, 2020

Australian boys and their American toys


From time to time I've posted videos here showing US Navy and Air Force units' annual video celebrations of what they've done during the past year.  They typically showcase their airplanes' maneuverability, firepower and general awesomeness.

It seems the Royal Australian Air Force has been following suit.  Australia operates the older F/A-18A/B Hornet, the F/A18F Super Hornet, and the EA18-G Growler electronic warfare variant.  Every year they get together for what they call the Hornet Ball.  Here's footage from 2017 to 2020.  A tip o' the hat to Australian reader Andrew for sending me the link.

Looks like a good time was had by all.



Dov Sar said...

Back in the 1980's I was flying aggressor in A-7's out in Hawaii on detachment in concert with Aussie's flying F-111's. They were a jolly bunch of flat hatting cowboys! We attacked the carrier battle group; they would come in supersonic then blow over the top of the carrier despising the safety bubble that was briefed. Their parties were outstanding. Back then they were both fierce and free; it makes me sad to see what has become of Australia.

MarcusZ1967 said...

I'd sell them some F-35.

Paul said...

They are getting them.

Stuart Garfath. said...

I was in the RAAF, A-G-A Comms and 'other' types of Comms, for 21 years, 1970-91. As with anything, you generally only remember the good times, and there were plenty, traveled all over the Pacific region. I have had many days from then to now talking to what would be termed in Specialist Comms, 'A reliable collateral source', about conditions of service today, and it's not pretty. Right from day 1 of Rookies, it's all about not hurting anyone's feelings, being mindful of personal space, and the most disturbing aspect of all, is their sense of entitlement. My source is a most Senior Warrant Officer, and his observations are scathing in every way. The junior ranks have little respect or regard for the NCO ranks above them, and, as he's seen, on numerous occasions, junior ranks completely ignoring Officers, paying no military courtesies, and the Officers are reluctant to take them to task, in case they are 'offended', feel threatened, and they then fill out a grievance complaint, which must be followed up to the highest level!. Career is everything, particularly in the mid to senior Officer ranks, at the expense of anything else, I saw this in my time also. This W/OFF has over 28 years service, and he will have none of this bull***t, he gets stuck right into these Mother's little Darlings if and when he encounters crap like this. All in all, his opinion is that the Australian Defence Forces are soft, nothing like they are portrayed in the media and recruiting advertisements. Would I encourage a young person to think of joining?, ABSOLUTELY NOT!.