Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Beyond 2020?


Stephan Pastis is not optimistic.  Click the image for a larger view at the comic's Web page.

As a commenter recently observed, Pastis may be a prophet.  Remember his New Year cartoon I posted late last year?




Michael said...

And like the slave that whispered into the Kings ear "You are mortal" or the Court Jester saying the unpopular things that needed yo be said before the Nobility so is a good comic.

I am not a comic but my ongoing concerns are a often repeating vision of a stumbling drunk on a long staircase. Sometimes a step upward away from destruction, often a stumbling couple of steps downward. This I see as our Government with the troubles of a 3 letter agencies Color Revolution and even if we somehow keep the Deep State at bay THIS TIME the damage will continue.

Collapse is a process. COVID19 isn't the igniter just the excuse for decades of economic kicking the can down the road to the Stairsteps we are stumbling upon now.

Or as Margert Thatcher said "Socialism is grand UNITL you run out of other peoples money" and the Media Driven Victory of the Sock Puppet and the REAL President "Lock 'em up" Authoritarian Kamila will be painful for all as WE are Already Broke by any accounting. We have surpassed even the Former USSR and Greece in Unpayable Debts.

The Game of Musical Chairs continues with Promises from some Senile Old Man that cannot even remember what state he is with out assistance is the Music.

Use each day to bolster yourselves for the next stumble downward. The less you Need from the system the less you suffer from the system's failures.

Expect that the US Dollar will become just like the Venezuelan "Strong Bolivar" more useful for poor grade toilet paper than for buying groceries.

Expect that the promises of Social Security and your paid in Retirement plans to be hyperinflated into worthless TP.

Then if anything less horrible occurs you are in great shape.

stencil said...

Depending, in the obvious way, on our election's outcome, you could likely see China acquire Taiwan.

Roy said...

"... likely see China acquire Taiwan. "

That is one of the things that worry me about this election. If China is emboldened enough to make a military play for Taiwan, China could suffer a bloody nose because Taiwan will not go willingly, and they DO have the capability. Depending on who is president if that happens, the resistance of the Taiwanese people could bring the US into the conflict. That, in turn, could kick off a war between two world powers. Those are always expensive and bloody and the outcome cannot be foreseen.

Read "The Guns of August", by Barbara Tuchman. It's a good read about how the European nations blundered their way into WWI. History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.

Michael said...

Well History does often rhyme. The war production of WW2 did get us out of the Great Depression.

So maybe the idiots of the Think Tanks think a nice "Controllable" War would cure America's financial diseases? Idiots....with a taxpayer funded lavish bomb shelter.

Nothing nice BTW about war. Civil war is an oxymoron.

Are you ready for Hyperinflation or the lights going out for a LONG Time?

Ask yourself, better yet TURN OFF your Main Circuit Breaker for 72 hours and LEARN while you have a couple of weeks (maybe more?) to fix the issues that come up. Amazon doesn't deliver post SHTF folks.


Winter is coming, prepare