Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Mike Rowe: "Your Work Isn't Your Worth"


That's the title of a very interesting video interview that Mike Rowe, of "Dirty Jobs" fame, gave to Trinity Broadcasting Network last month.  I highly recommend that you take the time to watch it.  It's only nine minutes long, but encapsulates the dilemma of our current workforce, and young people planning to enter that workforce.

Sobering thoughts, particularly if you have children planning what they want to do with their lives.



libertyman said...

Mike Rowe is a wonderful advocate for today's work and the value of the trades versus a purely liberal arts degree. Times have changed and he recognizes the danger in staggeringly high debt for today's graduates.
Bravo Mike Rowe.

Brad_in_IL said...

Check out Mike's TED Talk from 2008 ... takes about 20 minutes ..