Wednesday, July 21, 2021

So much for the COVID-19 vaccination!


It looks more and more as if the COVID-19 vaccination doesn't offer much, if any, protection against infection.  The headlines are coming in from around the world.

So, it looks like the vaccine isn't as powerful a defense against the transmission of infection as has been claimed by the powers that be, and the drive to vaccinate everybody is therefore, at the very least, called into question.

Karl Denninger goes further.

Reminder: Nobody is tested if vaccinated unless symptomatic.  So says the CDC.  If exposed but vaccinated you are not supposed to be tested unless you develop symptoms.

This make[s] sense if the vaccines work.


Because in some small percentage -- 1%, 2% -- you'll get infected anyway.  That's just the way it is; no medication is perfect.


There are 67 Democrats in the TX Delegation.  I presume not all of them flew to DC; the news says "more than 50", which is enough to deny the quorum and was the point of the exercise.

There are now six confirmed Covid infections among them, and all are fully vaccinated.  That's a failure rate of roughly 10% for symptomatic infections, and not just preventing infection either -- they transmitted it to each other as the infections were serial; not all got it on the same day.

Since the CDC says somewhere between 6 and 24 (best guess 11) people are entirely asymptomatic and untested for each tested, symptomatic infection this means that more than half of the delegation in fact has the virus and is presumably, under the CDC's claim of "asymptomatic transmission", spreading it to others.

Is ten percent failure rare?  How about more than fifty percent?

That sounds rather more like "worthless" to me.  What say you?

In addition a White House official also has tested positive after coming into contact with the delegation.  Said person is also fully vaccinated and is symptomatic.  They, since they are symptomatic, are presumptively contagious despite being "fully vaccinated."

How many White House officials were there?  One?  Boy, that's a pretty good breakthrough case percentage isn't it?

. . .

In other words there is no public health benefit to the jabs.  These fully vaccinated people not only got the virus they gave it to others.  That, my friends, is what everyone claimed wouldn't happen -- if you got jabbed you protected other people ... We now know that claim was a lie.  It was a lie by lack of knowledge before; now it is a straight-up knowing lie to repeat it.

Add this to all the other lies.

Why would you take any sort of personal health advice -- now that it's admitted that's all the jab advocacy is -- from the very same people who have been caught lying serially on virtually every topic related to Covid since last spring?

There's more at the link.

Vox Day has little sympathy for those who've allowed themselves to be duped.

I have little sympathy for anyone who is harmed by this monstrosity, except for the poor children whose idiot parents made them take it. What part of "the media always lies" is hard to understand? What part of "don't ever take any experimental drug for which the manufacturer is given immunity from legal liability" is difficult to grasp? What part of "the mainstream Narrative is false" did not register?

Or, as a meme currently doing the rounds pointedly asks:

I certainly sympathize with those who've been pressured by their employers, and/or otherwise unavoidable circumstances in their lives, to get vaccinated.  However, the facts are becoming clearer and clearer.  The vaccines are inflicting serious health damage, up to and including death, on some of those who've received them.  More and more such cases are being recorded as time passes and the extent of the damage becomes clearer.  The argument has been made that as a proportion of all those who've been vaccinated, the "problem cases" are a tiny minority:  but that's cold comfort to the (literally) tens of thousands of people who've reported or experienced them.  The VAERS data speak for themselves.

I remain less than convinced that the COVID-19 vaccines are worthwhile.  Since it's now pretty clear that the vaccines don't provide "herd immunity", the major reason for getting vaccinated is off the table.  Furthermore, since proven treatments like hydroxychoroquine, ivermectin and azithromycin are freely available (and are now standardized and demonstrably effective in many Third World nations that are less medically hidebound than the USA), I'll trust them to deal with another infection if I should get one.

I can only suggest that, if one has no choice but to get vaccinated against COVID-19 for whatever reason, one should avoid any vaccine using mRNA technology.  The others have their own health risks, but based on the reading I've done, they appear to be less problematic than mRNA-based products.  Also, speaking purely for myself, if I ever have no option but to be vaccinated, I'll plan on using anticoagulant medication for a few days before and at least a few weeks after the shot, to avoid or minimize one of the most commonly reported side effects (blood clots).  I suggest you talk to your health care provider about that, and ask their opinion.



Francis Turner said...

I haven't looked closely at Israel, but I have been looking closely at the UK.

If you check the UK official data ( ) you see that there is a big difference between positive tests and deaths/hospitalizations compared to previous waves. Also as a bloke at the spectaro points out the case numbers as the lockdowns etc are lifting are not continuing to increase - . In fact it isn't just cases that are flattening out, the same applies to serious cases (i.e. hospitalizations) and reported deaths. And note that this is with (AIUI) a roughly 50-50 split of Pfizer and Astra Zeneca vaccines.

What this tells me is that the wuflu and its mutations are no longer a threat to the UK or, likely, any other population where the elderly and other vulnerable sorts are vaccinated.

It seems clear to me that if you've had the wuflu you don't need a vaccine but if you've had a vaccine or the wuflu direct you are highly unlikely to suffer from any new wave. We're done with this disease and all the restrictions about it should be lifted in places where similar levels of antibodies are in the population

libertyman said...

About 11,000 deaths reported as of July 9. Have a look at this chart:

I believe over 15,000 deaths reported in Europe.

The CDC says not to draw conclusions from this.

Maniac said...

Again, if my employer makes the poison-dart mandatory, I'll be withdrawing from my 401K or starting a GoFundMe.

And Francis is right. Most people probably won't tolerate another shutdown.

Plague Monk said...

I left my last contract engineering job in part because of the client's mask at all times edict, figuring that I could get a new gig in a few months.
Now, most aerospace companies and staffing firms are requiring the not-vax to be even submitted for contracts, despite my proven track record.
Sigh. A 38 year career ended, because I will not play Chinese roulette.
I do like being home every night, but I hate being largely dependent on Social Security for income.

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

The PRC test, the "gold standard" in the words of the Left, indicates that there are protein sequences consistent with Covid virus trapped in the mucus collected in the patient's nose.

The job of the mucus in your nose is to trap contaminants. A positive test indicates that you inhaled air that contained virus (possibly even virus that had been inactivated by UV light) sometime in the past day.

The only vaccine that would completely protect somebody from inhaled virus (positive PRC tests) would be one that stops people from inhaling. I, for one, am not signing up for THAT vaccine.

In effect, the hyper-"safe" medical establishment is being hoist on their own petard.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Peter, the one item that I am surprised that more people are not pushing - hard - is a date for the companies to submit their license application, or at least pushing the FDA to ask them. Why? Because the vaccines are still Emergency Use Only. If they are good and they have the data, submit the file and provide all the safety data.

The cynical side of me understands why this is not happening, of course.

Tom said...

Let's take this from the top.
1. Considerably more than half of the Israeli population has been vaccinated, which means that, if half of those infected are vaccinated, that is a lower percentage than their percentage of the general population--never mind the question of whether they are experiencing severe outcomes at a lower rate compared to the unvaccinated population, once comorbidities like age and immunodeficiency are taken into account.
2. The UK--see the last sentence of 1.
3. Spain's vaccination rate is somewhere around 50%. Based on your numbers, that means the vaccinated are being infected at a rate 1/4 of that of the unvaccinated, since that half of the populace is only experiencing 1/5 of the infections.

Never mind the fact that, even if you believe that every single death reported as being a result of being vaccinated is actually a result of the vaccine, it's still an order of magnitude less dangerous than actually getting COVID.

I didn't let myself get stampeded into panicking over COVID by media outlets looking for clicks, and I'll be hanged if I let myself get stampeded into panicking over COVID vaccines by media outlets looking for clicks.

Ray - SoCal said...

Peter - since you had Covid already, you are immune.

On the Vax if you are in a high risk group, I suggest get it. High risk being age, obesity, etc.

If in a low risk group, skip it.

The vaccine seems to have reduced the overall death rate.

The side effects on the mRNA for those under 50 is frightening. Otherwise healthy dying? And the VAERS data seems to be under counting. And compared to the side effects of other vaccines, this is much worse.

I am shocked at the resistance in the US to hcq and ivermectin as a Covid treatment. This is a symptom of a huge issue, I’m not sure what.

heresolong said...

That meme is sort of stupid. Legal liability is necessary because it takes one person with a serious side effect and a stupid jury to bankrupt a company. Vaccinate millions and you will have far more than one person and the lawyers will have a field day. Rational juries would also solve the problem but you can't legislate those.

I have a feeling I will be required to get vaccinated or undergo all sorts of horrendous tortures to keep my teaching job come September. Not sure how I am going to handle this as I have no interest in the vaccine, I am healthy as a horse and not really in a risk group (I am over 55 but just barely and have no other co-morbidities), and for all I know have had it and have natural immunity.

As far as arguing about the statistics you can go back and forth about what they mean ad nauseum, but at the end of the day the question still remains: is the vaccine what the powers that be claimed it would be or is it worse? If worse then they were either wrong or lied. If we are six months into the process and they are wrong or lying about it to even such a small extent can we expect it get better or are we going to find even larger issues. I completely understand what Tom is saying but the fact is that they are still lying to us so parsing the stats one way or the other (both of which prove them to be wrong) results in us arguing as to who is right about the extent of the lies.

Beans said...

Well, not to go sideways with this whole 'vacc or no vacc' thingy, but the Democrats who fled did so to stop legislation that got voted through anyways because they didn't remove a quorum. Which they knew when they fled.

So it's all about a bunch of grown 3 year olds throwing a tantrum because the group as a whole chose to play a different game.


Not to be spiteful or anything, but... Yeah, I'm going to be spiteful. If'n they had done their damned job and stayed and voted, maybe they wouldn't have started a 'super-spreader' event. Or not.

Petulant children. I've seen better behavior from actual spoiled children.

Buncha entitled drunks. And who did they go see in DC? Well, the most entitled drunk since 'The Lion of the Senate' Ted 'Lady-killer' Kennedy.


As to the vaccine thingy? It's all about mental control, not disease control. Which was known right after the end of the Flu Cruise, which, of course, was a perfect petri dish for studying the effects of the supposed murderous killer world-ending pandemic, which, of course, flopped as bad as "Lady Feminist Ghostbusters."

John in Indy said...

... a symptom of a huge issue, ...
It is 1) "Kill the messenger", 2) "there is no money in legacy drugs", 3) "there is power in panic", 4) "we have to do something to stop Trump", and 5) "Chinas' economy is suffering, we can't take a plague also. So we must export it to the rest of the world, and tell them to shut down their own economies".
Individualized profits, communitized sufferings.
The Tragedy of the Commons, by Garret Hardin

John in Indy